Pixiv Downloader 20101024


Long time no update, kinda busy looking for a job here, just recently graduated from my uni 🙂


  • 20101024:
    – by Nandaka:
    – Fix error when dumping html.
    – Change exit behaviour, no need to press enter twice if you select exit.
  • 20101005:
    – by Yavos:
    – added commandline-option: <-n number> to temporarily overwrite config-settings for <numberofpage>
    – added new options in config.ini (for details see readme.txt)
    (<createDownloadLists>, <downloadListDirectory>, <startIrfanView>, <startIrfanSlide>, <IrfanViewPath>)
    – added commandline-option <-i> to automatically start IrfanView with list of downloaded Images
    (this option only takes effect when <startIrfanView> and <startIrfanSlide> from config.ini are not set True)
    – images will get the extension <.pixiv> until they are complete (prevent incomplete image-downloads)
    – fix: all downloaded images will be added in DB (until now it was limited to images downloaded by member_id/list of member_ids)
    (note: you can reset it again by setting <Yavos = False> in sourcecode line 27)
    – added feature: when (directly or indirectly) set in config.ini pixivUtil will create lists of your downloaded images in <Downloaded_on_YYYY_MM_DD.txt> (using date when pixivUtil is launched)
    – added feature: start IrfanView when exiting pixivUtil (Slideshow will be started before normal IrfanView-Window)
    – added feature: typing <-all> in menu will temporarily activate/deactivate pagelimit set in config.ini (it will set commandline-option <-n 0>)

Download link here (compiled windows binary) , source code here.

Pixiv Downloader 20100908

Latest Update here.


  • Add command line option and other bug by Yavos.
  • Fix download by tags. A little note: somehow I can’t use kana for the search query (it gives encoding error), work fine for romaji.
  • Add readme.txt and changelog.txt, please read.
  • Changed rootdirectory option behaviour, you need to fill it or it will goes to C:

Known bugs:

  • Download by tags need additional step if you want to use kana (kanji/hiragana/katakana). Example: if you looking for 秋山澪, you need to copy the query part (after word=) from the url from your browser (http://www.pixiv.net/search.php?s_mode=s_tag&word=%E7%A7%8B%E5%B1%B1%E6%BE%AA ) and paste it to the console. I’ve tried to encode it using urllib.quote/quote_plus but the resulting string is different. Any solution?

Download link is here, and the source code is here.

On side notes: To Yavos and other contributors, should I put the source code to googleproject /other online versioning site? Any experience or comments? And somehow when using WinMerge to merge the codes, they messing up with the encoding… Know better (free) alternative?

Archive Comparer

A little tool to check duplicate of archive files (zip, rar, 7z, etc). It uses 7z dll library,  free open source file compression utility!


  • Compare compressed files based on total uncompressed file size or by uncompressed file crc without extracting the files.
  • Save/load list of files.
  • Delete to recycle bin or permanently.


  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4, download here.

Download link here here, mirror here here. Source code here, mirror here.

update: fix a little bug…

Danbooru Downloader 20100814


  • 20100814: fix filename cutting.
  • 20100814: add %searchtag% as requested by kasake.
  • 20100814b: fix %searchtag% filename.
  • 20100814c: fix source textbox, mentioned by Watanuki.

Updated one here, no here, no here!.


  • Fix download list saving if image thumbnail is present.
  • Fix download list queue if query list is empty.

Any good *booru website to be added?

Download it in here.