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  1. I decided to try using tags for the first time but for some reason I keep getting errors.
    Could someone point me what I’m doing wrong?

    Input: 3
    tags: 化物語
    Searching for tags 化物語
    Error at processTags(): (,
    neType’ object has no attribute ‘findAll'”,), <traceback obj
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "PixivUtil2.py", line 670, in main
    File "PixivUtil2.py", line 553, in processTags
    AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'findAll'

    1. Will see about it.

      Update: I’ve checking my code and do some fix, it will work if you use ascii/romaji input not the kanji. Sometimes if you use kanji/hiragana/katakana, pixiv will throw an encoding error (limitation of python 2.x in windows console). I’ve try to encode/quote it using urllib.quote/quote_plus, but still no result.

      You can try to open the page in your browser and copy the encoded query.
      Example: If you looking for 秋山澪 in pixiv, just copy the url from your browser and paste it into notepad. (http://www.pixiv.net/search.php?word=%E7%A7%8B%E5%B1%B1%E6%BE%AA&s_mode=s_tag), then just copy the bold text.

      Update 2: Forgot to add the link, here it is.

  2. Hi nandaka

    I worked on changing your sourcecode of PixivUtil a little bit and want you to see the results 😉
    You can download the modified source here (I hope html works here ^^”)

    (tried to comment every change, so I hope you will understand it)

    The following was changed:
    added commandline-OptionParser
    (new options: -x, -s [number], arguments may be passed in combination with -s)
    removed [‘] from forbidden symbols list (I don’t know the reason it’s forbidden anyway)
    ending dots [.] in foldernames are removed automatically
    added html-encoding for ['] -> [‘]
    special directorys for every member_id in list may be specified now
    directorys like rootDirectory in config.ini don’t need an ending [] anymore
    images by member_id can be downloaded automatically via commandline: [-s 1 (member_id(s))]
    images by image_id can be downloaded automatically via commandline: [-s 2 (image_id(s))]
    images by tags can be downloaded automatically via commandline: [-s 3 (tags)]
    list can be downloaded automatically via commandline: [-s 4 (listfile)]
    DB-Manger can be loaded via commandline: [-s 5]
    programm can exit automatically when operation finished via commandline: [-x]

    fix: output of imagelist in DB-Manger did not work when there are less than 10.000 pics

    directorys in list file will be created in:
    same directory as PixivUtil when theres only a foldername ( foldername )
    root of the drive PixivUtil is located on when it starts with [] ( foldername )
    rootDirectory given in config.ini when it starts with %root% ( %root%foldername )
    any directory when you use full path ( C:Documentsand so on )

  3. New version works for me now!!thank you nandaka!!

    well,if a db.sqlite.bak file could be created automatically,I will appreciate it a lot 🙂
    it was so depressed that once I accidentally replaced the old to an empty db file. orz

    1. If you mean to merge the old and the new one, then not yet. But if you only want to use the old database, then you can just replace db.sqlite file.

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