Danbooru Downloader 20100805



  • Add option to minimize to system tray.
  • Save last downloaded folder if you click save in the option tab.
  • Add button to save/load download list.
  • Fix download button state as reported by kasake.
  • Add option to delete selected row from download list.
  • Lower the limit for filename to 200 (Windows only support up to 248 character for path and total of 260 character for filename+path).

Download link here, and donate button on the left :p

Danbooru Downloader 20100801

UPDATED: here.

  • Add download list tab as requested by kasake.
  • Fix width/height parsing that prevent the list to be processed as reported by kasake.
  • Reset the page counter if the tags is changed.
  • Fix filename format for %md5%% to %md5%.
  • Add download status in the grid.

Download link here.

Danbooru Downloader 20100722

UPDATE: see here.

Updated, small bugfixing and,

Update the DanbooruProviderList.xml as suggested by max and trick.

  • moe.imouto.org
  • gelbooru.com, different api
  • nekobooru.net
  • safebooru.org, different api
  • hijiribe.donmai.us
  • sonohara.donmai.us
  • ichijou.org

Please note that gelbooru and safebooru use different api from standard danbooru, and I don’t know if they provide json api (in the documentation only have xml).

Download link here.

Danbooru Slideshow Gadget 20100720

UPDATED in here.


  • Add more options in settings page: tags, limit, page, rating, username, and password hash.
  • Search query will be filled based on those options, or you can fill it manually.
  • Update the icon.

If someone can design better UI for this gadget, please tell me. This gadget built only using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Download link here.

Pixiv Downloader 20100722

UPDATED in here.

Changelog 20100722:

  • Add menu selection, download by member_id, image_id, tags, or list.
  • Search by tags, somehow (my) windows (7) console cannot accept japanese font? so currently only accept ascii character, except someone can tell me how to do it…
  • Add error checking message from with0out.

Download link here, source code here.

Pixiv changed the CSS, so a little update to reflect it 🙂

Change log:

  • Update css selector
  • Add retry and retrywait in the config.ini, used for defining connection retry when downloading, 0 means no retry.

Download link here.

Danbooru Slideshow Windows Gadget

UPDATED in here.

Tried to make windows sidebar gadget, and this is the result 🙂


  • Pure html/css/javascript :).
  • Only support XML (if someone know how to do cross domain JSON for *booru, please tell me, they don’t support jsonp).
  • Clickable image, hover for tags.

  • Customizable provider (the danbooru url) and query (usually /post/index.xml?your-search-query-here).
  • Adjustable slide show interval and list update.

Get it here. As usual, use at your own risk, still need to learn more stuff 🙂

Danbooru Downloader Update

Got free time, have nothing to do and bored, result:

  • Updated my apps for batch downloading from *booru compatible image board, now supporting XML for defining the *booru site, I’m separating the list from my apps, so you can add your own list of *booru board.
  • Supporting XML or JSON for image list retrieval.
  • Saving the retrieved list.
  • Using WebClient class for downloading and use the Asynchronous method for download = more responsive UI and I don’t need to handle the lower things 🙂
  • Needs .NET 4
  • Screen shoot:

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