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  1. Also nandake, I was wondering if you could upload the source files of this program. I’m JUST starting to learn how to program, so I won’t really be able to help much until I get better, but being able to look at how things work really helps.

    I was also wondering, what type of code do you write in? I’m currently trying to learn C++

  2. Hey nandake!

    I’ve been using both your Pixiv downloader and Danbooru downloader, and realized that your Pixiv downloader is a lot easier to use. With this so, I was wondering if you could implement some features from the Pixiv downloader to the Danbooru downloader.

    The Pixiv Downloader is a lot easier to use because it doesn’t require much human interation in order to download the files, and moving them to the directory you want. The key here is that your Pixiv downloader uses a “list.txt” file as a sort of database of queries that the program will automatically search for and update all your files within their own directory.

    For example, if the save directory to C:pixiv downloader, and within my list.txt:


    Pixiv downloader will search and download all files of green, blue, and red, into their own sepereate folder:

    C:pixiv downloadergreen
    C:pixiv downloaderblue
    C:pixiv downloaderred

    If it is possible, could you implement this feature into Danbooru downloader as well? If so, I would like to make some other suggestions. Similar to the Pixiv downloader example, I will try to explain how I think the Danbooru automatic search+download function would work best:

    – In your settings, you would have the save directory, in this case, C:danbooru downloader
    – And either within the program’s folder location, there would be a “list.txt” file, or within the program itself, there will be a section to list your queries (Keep in mind that this list loads every time you start Danbooru Downloader).
    – Since the Danbooru downloader can search+download a single query from many different sources, there would be an option to choose (maybe use checkboxes) which websites you would like to search. Also, with this option to search multiple websites, there would another option to to save the files into their own directories as well. Here is an example:

    >> In your list, you have:
    blue red

    And you want to download from danbooru, gelbooru, and safebooru. Once you start the automatic download, the files will download like this:

    C:danbooru downloadergreendanbooru
    C:danbooru downloadergreengelbooru
    C:danbooru downloadergreensafebooru

    C:danbooru downloaderblue reddanbooru
    C:danbooru downloaderblue redgelbooru
    C:danbooru downloaderblue redsafebooru

    or vice versa:

    C:danbooru downloaderdanboorugreen
    C:danbooru downloadergelboorugreen
    C:danbooru downloadersafeboorugreen

    C:danbooru downloaderdanboorublue red
    C:danbooru downloadergelboorublue red
    C:danbooru downloadersafeboorublue red

    (Honestly, I think the first option would be best, but some people might like the second option more.)

    This feature is just a major time saver because you just have a list of queries that you like, search all websites you like, and save the files into the directories you like. Let us know if this can be done, or if you’re willing to implement this feature! Really appreciate it! Thanks!

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