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    1. lmao actually disregard this I’m a horrible person.. “root dir” ahurr hurr

  1. Hi nandake,
    I just find that in the manga mode if the artist upload more than 50 pics,
    pixiv will display the rest on the second page.
    And it seemed that I could only catch first 50 pics(from p0 to p49).
    Try this for instance:illust_id=12297154 and can you have a look for me?
    THX a lot!

  2. How does “numberofpage” work now? When I go to Pixiv manually, there are 20 images on each page. So, for example, if I were to set numberofpage = 3, then I’d expect the downloader to grab images from the first three pages of an artist’s gallery; 60 images (assuming that the artist has enough pictures).

    But now, it just seems completely arbitrary. I have numberofpage set to 3, but the downloader moves on to the next artist usually after checking the first 35-40 images.

    1. It works by generating a list of images from the current page, after all the images is processed, it will try to move to the next page by increasing the page counter by one, check the #page limit, if less than it will repeat else stop and move. If there is no images (the list generated is empty) then it will stop and move to the next artist.

      EDIT: apparently it will limit to n-1, forgot to take the equal sign in the code, so if you want to limit 2 page, write 3. Will be fixed in next update 🙂

      1. Thanks. Also I’m getting an error when trying options 1 and 2 in the new database manager. Both options return similar errors

        For 1. Show all member, Error: <, NameError, >

        For 2. Show all images, Error: <, NameError, >

        Lastly, the spreadsheet created by 3. Export list displays garbled characters in the “name” column, but that’s probably because I don’t have my locale set to Japanese. :p

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