BakaReader EX 1.1.25

Change Log for 1.1.25
– Fix Issue #173: Update parser to handle external chapter.
– Fix issue #174: Novel cover scaling.
– Wrap image viewer in html to allow better scaling.
– Refactor DisplayNovelContentActivity and BakaTsukiWebViewClient.
– Add Browser Back for external pages, may only works for KitKat+.
– Fix Issue #175: Prev/Next loading.

Download link: BakaReader EX 1.1.25 or Google Play Store
Source code on Github

baka reader ex 1.1.20

Change log:

  • 1.1.20
    – Fix issue #162: update relink image task to cater encoded/decoded image filename
    – Add feature to choose custom color from settings.
    – Fix issue #160 & #163: Update Text-To-Speech Service binding.
    – Add option to enable Text-To-Speech Service (default is disabled).
    – Fix issue #156: handle deleted chapter in bookmark.
  • 1.1.19
    – Implement feature #153: clear all bookmark on chapter.
    – Fix issue #154: remove ‘+[] from forbiden char for filename.
    – Update css to force fit-to-width for non-thumbnailed image.
    – Set useragent for WebView to mobile version.
    – Implement feature #152: Add download icon for external page.
    – Fix issue #152: Update delete chapter logic for external page.
    – Fix issue #155 and #158: fix Update Service.
    – Fix issue #157: Update polish translation.
    – Fix tab color for alternate language.
    – Add Prev/Next button in display image activity.

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Source code and Issue Tracker

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