pixiv downloader 20170705


  • Update test cases.
  • Fix Issue #222: hide password in console.
  • Fix Issue #223: fix db result error.
  • Fix Issue #224 and #226: new big image mode for single page manga.
  • Fix Issue #228: Update urls to https.
  • Fix Issue #230: set defaultencoding to utf-8.
  • Fix Issue #232: UnboundLocalError local variable ‘list_page’ referenced before assignment.
  • Fix Issue #233: update dump hmtml page handler.
  • Fix Issue #236: update parser for artist profile and dump html page if not found.
  • Fix Issue #237: update UnboundLocalError for list_page.
  • Fix Issue #238: update DB clear method for ugoira/zip file.
  • Update readme.txt

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