Danbooru Downloader 20100814


  • 20100814: fix filename cutting.
  • 20100814: add %searchtag% as requested by kasake.
  • 20100814b: fix %searchtag% filename.
  • 20100814c: fix source textbox, mentioned by Watanuki.

Updated one here, no here, no here!.


  • Fix download list saving if image thumbnail is present.
  • Fix download list queue if query list is empty.

Any good *booru website to be added?

Download it in here.

15 thoughts on “Danbooru Downloader 20100814”

  1. Thanks for the update
    Is it possible to specify artist tag & copyright tag? They are labeled differently

    1. I believe those tag not treated differently? sometimes you only need to add _(artist) behind the tag. I think the differences between copyright or artist is handled only the server.

  2. This is an excellent program and I’m truly grateful, really.

    One question though. I’ve tried to add 3dbooru, but can’t seem to get it right. Care to help?

      1. Thanks for responding! 😀

        Thedoujin works fine, but 3dbooru is still different.
        The source link works, but that’s about it. I can’t even get a preview image.
        Also, if you use 3dbooru then use another *booru then decide to use 3dbooru again
        you get a 403 error(which isn’t a big deal, imo).

        Sorry for more trouble and I hope that made sense.

    1. >> 503
      this one I can’t help, usually this is happen when the server/API is overloaded. Try to switch from XML to JSON method and for the original danbooru, they only limit you to 1/2 tag for searching except you are paying member.

  3. Really grateful for this great application, but I honestly can’t seem to get it working.
    Whatever I type in “Source” “Provider” and “tags”, gelbooru/danbooru provide a ton of absolutely unrelated images.
    Can you do a tutorial of some sort on how exactly this works, seeing as I can’t figure it out?
    I would be very grateful.

    1. you can refer to this page: http://danbooru.donmai.us/help/cheatsheet

      Basically my application will querying the server like you searching manually but using different url. Example:
      if you want to search for all vocaloid image from pixiv.net, usually you type this: vocaloid source:*.pixiv.net/* at the search bar, it is the same in my application. You can type vocaloid on the tags textbox, note: I think source textbox is broken, will check again, for now you can uncheck generated for manual query creation, just copy and paste the address after question mark(?), example:
      http://danbooru.donmai.us/post?tags=vocaloid+source%3A*.pixiv.net%2F*&commit=Search ==> tags=vocaloid+source%3A*.pixiv.net%2F*

      As for searching syntax, you can see on the cheatsheet. Also note that the correctness of image is depend on the tags on the image. moe.imouto.org is usually maintaining the correctness of the tags.

      UPDATED: here.

      1. Phew, finally figured it out.
        Works absolutely perfectly now, many, many thanks.
        (Gelbooru still constantly gives me 503 and only loads either 100 or 1000 images per tag, but that’s a relatively minor problem.)

        Once again, thanks for this marvelous program.

  4. Hey Nandaka,

    I was playing with your Filename saving formats, and I just wanted to suggest a good format that you should implement.

    Similar to your %query%, but instead of including the whole query in which the client searches with inside the name (i.e. tags=####+rating=s+source=####&limit=20&page=1), the filename format should be able to save the filename with what you searched within the “Tag” search box.

    For example, you search “nandaka”, and save all the files. Instead of your filename being:


    it will be:


    Now what bothers me is what you will call this particular Filename saving format. You already have one named %query%, and another already named %tags%. I’ve been trying to think of some helpful suggestions but all I can really come up with is %tag%, or %searchtag%.

    Anyways, let us know what you think! 🙂

      1. Minor problem with the %searchtag%. When you use this particular Filename save format, the filename will %searchtag% will use only what is written in the “Tag” textbox. This is problematic when one adds multiple searched tags into the download list.

        For example, you have the filename save format as %searchtag% – %md5%, you search “nandaka”, then search “blog” and add both to the list. When you press “Download”, all the filenames will be using “blog” for %searchtag%. In this case, the filenames will be:

        “blog – ###############.jpg”
        “blog – ###############.jpg”

        instead of

        “nandaka – ###############.jpg”
        “blog – ###############.jpg”

        By making this change, you essentially make it possible to queue up many different tags to download with %searchtag%, which is similar to the %query% filename save format.

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