UPDATED: Pixiv Downloader 20100623

Update of my apps 🙂


  • use sqllite for tracking all downloaded images.
  • add new options in config.ini
  • uselist = if True, it will import the list.txt into the database. If False, won’t import the list.txt
  • processfromdb = if True, it will use the list in the database for downloading. If False, use list.txt
  • If both set to False, it will ask for the member_id

You can get it in here, and for the source code in here. Use this one (source)

As usual, use at your own risk. No warranty given :).


  • As mentioned by Anonymous, I forgot to add the page limiter, Fixed in the 20100627 version.
  • Requested by Moko, I’ve add the support for tags and member token for the filename format, use %tags% and %member_token%. If you use %tags%, please be warned if the filename maybe longer than 250++ character long and may cause error (windows filename limit).

Pixiv Batch Downloader

UPDATE: check here.

I like to go to Pixiv and download the images from there, because a lot of images that I want to save, it is painful to save it manually. So I tried to look up an apps to do it more efficiently. Then I found Ank pixiv, an addons for Firefox, but it doesn’t offer batch download. So I tried to look another alternative, then I found this, but it also doesn’t offer batch download. Inspired from the script, I tried to make it better, so I made a Pixiv Batch Downloader, this apps will download all images from 1 member id at pixiv.

You can download it here the new one.

How to use:

  1. Extract the zip file to new folder.
  2. Run the pixivUtil.exe
  3. Type your Username and password, press enter. It will try to log in
  4. After log in, enter the member id.
  5. It will look up all the images and save it to your current folder

Note: you can fill the username and password in the file config.ini (open it using wordpad) and setting the proxy by fill the address and set useProxy = True.

Note: you must set your regional setting to Japanese!

  • Windows XP: go to Control Panel->Regional and Language Options-> Advanced -> Language for non-unicode program, set it into Japanese.
  • Windows Vista/7: Control Panel ->Region and Language -> Administrative-> Language for non-unicode program -> Change System locale, set into Japanese

This program is made using python, and here is the source the new one.

Note: you need to download and install Python26, BeautifulSoup and mechanize to compile it.

Note: this is the first time I’m using Python to make this.


  • update the downloader now, because they change the login form order, now add form_order at the config.ini and put the correct number (from 0 to 1), need to download the file again
  • add extra feature 🙂 Put list.txt on the same folder, and it will read the list of member_id(1 id per line) , ie:
  • 12345
    # every line with #prefix will be skipped

Upload: Lucky Star BGM & Radio Bangumi “Lucky Channel” no Digest wo Shuuroku Shita Special CD 10

sebenernya ud lama pengen di upload, cuman karena berbagai masalah….


1. Girlge ~Asa no Fuukei~
2. Girlge ~Lunch Tabeyo~
3. Girlge ~Isshoni Kaerou~
4. Girlge ~Shukudai Yannasai!~
5. Girlge ~Betsu ni Anta no Shinpai Nanka Shitenaindakara ne~
6. Girlge ~Suki ni Shite ii yo~
7. Futsuu no Nomimono ni wa Kyoumi Arimasen! Ijou!
8. Atarashii Kaze
9. Itsumo no Kanji
10. Are? Shiraishi, Fuji no Jukai ni Ittanja?
11. Ichiokuen no Osatsu no Katachi no [Noshiika] no Omiyage? Futsuota
12. Noshiika Tabenagara, Point Kasan Luckies
13. Anime Dai 20 Kai Housou Bun no Ato ni… Ono Daisuke-san Toujou!
14. Shin Assistent Ono san to Tanoshiku Talk!
15. Shiraishi no Chuukei? Moshimo de Lucky Channel ~ Ending

isinya apa? BGM dari animenya + radio show/Lucky Channel versi fullnya. Ada yang kepengen 1-9 nya?

download link here