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  1. ERROR – Error at pixivLogin(): (, FormNotFoundError(“no form matching name ‘loginForm'”,), )

    Then the program crashes. I managed to snap a pic of the full log an instant before : http://imgur.com/nROgZmu

    1. Sorry, copy/paste gone wrong. The warning was “ERROR – Error at pixivLogin(): (, FormNotFoundError(“no form matching name ‘loginForm'”,), )”. Anyway it’s in the full log.

      1. Try to set usessl = True in [Authentication] at config.ini. I think they remove the non-ssl login already.

        1. There wasn’t a “usessl” section in [Authentication]. I put it in anyway but it still crashes.

  2. Option 8 now just says “No images! Done”, doesn’t get anything. (I haven’t touched the config) Option 1 and 2 seem to work regularly.

  3. 2014-07-06 17:51:17,826 – PixivUtil20140628 – ERROR – Error at process_member(): (, ValueError(“time data ’12 24 2013, 02:11′ does not match format ‘%Y-%m-%d %H:%M'”,), ) Member Id: 39702
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “PixivUtil2.py”, line 515, in process_member
    File “PixivUtil2.py”, line 620, in process_image
    File “PixivModel.pyc”, line 224, in __init__
    File “PixivModel.pyc”, line 323, in ParseWorksData
    File “_strptime.pyc”, line 325, in _strptime
    ValueError: time data ’12 24 2013, 02:11’ does not match format ‘%Y-%m-%d %H:%M’

  4. Any idea what this error is?

    PixivDownloader2 version 20140628
    Reading E:Downloadspixivutil20140628config.ini …
    Creating database… done.
    Only process member where day last updated >= 7
    Using Username: *********
    Log in using form.
    Error at pixiv_login(): (, <
    httperror_seek_wrapper (mechanize._http.RobotExclusionError instance) at 0x2b2d6
    c0 whose wrapped object = <closeable_response at 0x2b35800 whose fp = >>, )
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “PixivUtil2.py”, line 1848, in main
    File “PixivUtil2.py”, line 260, in pixiv_login
    File “mechanize_mechanize.pyc”, line 203, in open
    File “mechanize_mechanize.pyc”, line 255, in _mech_open
    httperror_seek_wrapper: HTTP Error 403: request disallowed by robots.txt
    press enter to exit.

        1. the parser is working as it can get the error message from the server because of login failure (those ??? supposed to be the message in kanji if you set up the pc in japanese). Try to delete the cookie from config.ini?

  5. Checkupdatelimit is no longer working if you have alwayscheckfilesize set to true. I had it set to 20 but it went through the entire gallery and didn’t used to do this.

    1. Hmm, I didn’t do anything on this one. Can you create a github issue ticket and put your config there?

  6. Hi, I get this when I try to download by tags

    Error at process_tags(): (, URLError(error(10054, ‘An
    existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host’),), )
    Cannot dump page for search tags:ビキニ
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “PixivUtil2.py”, line 1856, in main
    File “PixivUtil2.py”, line 1655, in main_loop
    File “PixivUtil2.py”, line 1423, in menu_download_by_tags
    File “PixivUtil2.py”, line 985, in process_tags
    UnboundLocalError: local variable ‘search_page’ referenced before assignment
    press enter to exit.

    Sometimes it comes up sometimes it doesn’t

    1. Not sure why it hit the error. It is because the application cannot find the link to the image, this is usually because of login problem. Try to manually copy the cookie values from the browser and put it to config.ini.

      I don’t have linux machine to test, but it is working in Windows (20140628).

      1. Huh. Definitely odd. I reset the cookie and that appears to have fixed it. Thanks!

    1. Gifs are lossy and horrible. Perhaps APNG would be a better lossless alternative. Lossless video might also work though that doesn’y natively loop and is more bloated.

      1. that or use webp, which also support animation. I think ImageMagick support it.

        FYI, I will not make the tools in pixiv downloader 😛

    2. I’m trying an experimental IRC channel on Rizon (#PixivAPNG) where you can paste a link to a Pixiv ugoira (HTML5 animation) page and it’ll automatically convert it to an animating PNG for you, as “paint” suggested. The bot’s slow-ish, though and can take a couple of minutes (Apngasm is slow). Also, APNGs tend to be much bigger than the source frames. But at least it’s a self-contained file that animates correctly.

      I know it’s not an ideal solution, but I thought I’d mention it in case it helps.

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