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Change Log:

  • Feature: Add Member’s doujin mode.
  • Feature: Add Member’s bookmarks mode.
  • Enhancement: Add new filenameformat {bookmarkedMemberId} and {bookmarkedMemberName}, only applicable in Member Bookmarks mode.
  • Bug Fix: Fix Issue #21, continue to next image if encounter http error 404/403 for member and tags batch download.

Download link for nijie downloader, Source Code in GitHub.

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Make sure you have Microsoft SQL Compact 4.0 SP1 installed (

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21 thoughts on “nijie downloader”

  1. New to the nijie downloader and just tried to use it and I keep getting “The device is not ready” when I download. I made sure to download Microsoft SQL Compact 4.0 and I changed root directory download settings to a different location after I login. But I keep getting this error.

    1. Yeap, root directory would not save.

      However, when I first save the root directory as “desktop”, then save it again somewhere like “documents”, the downloader would work, but consider “desktop” to be root directory.

        1. Well when I restart the application it sets the root back to D:/nijie/temp or w/e the default was.

          Also, is there a way to bulk add all the bookmarks of the currently logged in account, and download them all? (The same feature as pixivutil’s Download from online user bookmark)

          1. >> I restart the application it sets the root back to D:/nijie/temp or w/e the default was.
            Do you click the save button?

            >> e a way to bulk add all the bookmarks of the currently logged in account,
            can you provide the nijie url for this?

        2. Replying on this because I can’t reply on the comment below, Yea clicking the save button doesn’t save it for the next session. Changing and saving multiple different root directories in one session leads to that odd behavior I described above. (Files being saved to the previously saved directory)

          I don’t get what you mean by nijie url, do you mean my nijie account’s profile?

          Well here it is:

          1. >> save …
            Try to edit the app.config manually and change the values?

            >> url
            I mean url of the bookmarks page that you are saying. You want to download the images that has been bookmarked, right?
            Fyi, the app cannot mark the image/member to save to the website.

        3. app.config file doesn’t exist.

          No, I mean downloading all the works of every bookmarked artist.

        4. oops, i thought you literally meant a file named “app.config”. Changed root directory in NijieDownloader.UI.exe.config and it works now.

          1. >> Changed root directory in NijieDownloader.UI.exe.config and it works now.
            I’ll fix the save button then 😀

            >> all the works of every bookmarked artist.
            Go To Bookmark tab, select Member from the drop down list (default value), click Add All to Batch button, repeat for the next page if available.

            This will transfer the member list to Batch Download tab and you can start download.

        5. Alright, thanks for your help.

          Well.. I have a lot of pages of bookmarked artists.. I’ll figure a way to do it on my own (macros or something) if it’s not a planned feature. Thanks again for your help.

  2. Nope, still the same error, I installed the Microsoft SQL Compact 4.0 SP1 64bit version, but I don’t know if i have the required library mentioned on the of the downloader

    Maybe that is the problem?

    1. Maybe you already said it, but “E/S” stands for “Input/Output”, so I tried to open the default save path of the images via the settings menu (D:TempNijie) and the same error pops out, I change the destination path to my Downloads folder and now it opens from the settings menu, but the same error appears when I try to download a batch of images.

      1. Lol, it worked, now I’ll try to find out why it doesn’t work on my main computer, thanks!!!!

  3. Thank you!

    I hate to ask, but is it possible to include doujin mode into default mode, so there is no need to create 2 jobs to get all submissions by 1 author?

    Also, can you make the [Image] job type the last in the drop-down list for [Add] dialog? I think it’s the least used one for batch download.

    1. 1. Doujin Mode: No, most of the doujin is just a sample, so I rather to have it on different place (also, the web itself separates this to different section).
      2. Image Job: this one OK, I can change it to Member as the default.

      1. 1. I understand. It’s just that it makes me either add a second job for every single member I have in the list, or monitor every member to know when someone decides to upload images into that section. Rather than adding more stuff to the job list it would be more effective to have a setting for this.

        2. Thanks.

  4. When I enter pixiv login and pass I get ‘Invalid username or password’. Are underscores (‘_’) accepted properly?
    Don’t have a problem with pixiv downloader.

    1. First: nijie != pixiv

      Underscore should be have no issue, but you can try to change the password to simpler one for testing.

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