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    1. if the underlying OS support long filename, technically you can set the filename limit to big number.

      I don’t have win8 to test.

  1. The Sankaku Parser Seems to be broken again, However Only for .swf Files. Hopefully you can fix it soon =). This is what I have my current “Filename Format” set to “%searchtag%%id%-%md5%” and Im using Full Batch Mode. I look forwards to continuing to use danbooru downloader. Its really a great program!!

      1. I have added the issue on github.

        I did also get the “Illegal characters in path” error when downloading from Sankaku. I was using Full batch mode, and I set the filename format to %id%+%artist%+%copyright%+%character%+%md5%+%tags%. I have ignored those tags like “4:3_aspect”, so the problem was unlikely due to the illegal characters in these tags.

  2. Is downloading tags from Sankaku supposed to create 2100+ tags.xml.[#].!tmp? Is it supposed to take a long time?

  3. I got “ProtocolErorr()” everytime trying to download from Sankaku
    And updating the tags from Sankaku is a disaster, I know they have a lot of tags which must be manually process, but if the some tags not presenting in the tags.xml, then batch download tool won’t recognize those tags, leading the tool to nullify the tags from the filename
    For example: My filename format is like “%artist% – %character%- %copyright% – %id%”, but if the artist name is not in the tags.xml, batch download will still work, but the filenames are saved as ” – %character%- %copyright% – %id%”

    1. And the manually check-and-add download behaves the same way too, all tags that are not in the xml is nullifying from the saved filenames

      1. >> Protocol error
        I’ll check it on.

        >> null tag
        This is the expected behavior as the application cannot recognize the tags, use the generic tags to get all.

  4. Issue #41 is only partially fixed. It seems to now be pulling things up correctly via the “Main” tab, but the Full Batch Downloader is still not correctly parsing things; using the example given in the GitHub bug report, it’s still pulling up any image with “blood” in its tags, versus the series “Blood+”.

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