TGCC 2009 Day 3 – Coscon: Movie Themed – PART 1

Here are the photos I took from Coscon 2009 yesterday. Quite a lot of cosplayer I saw, maybe because Day 3 is only for Movie Themed Competition only? Anyway there were some anime cosplayer too.

DSC05075 DSC05081

Warning!!! A lot of photo ahead!!

Alice in Wonderland

DSC04985 DSC05098 DSC05104 DSC05105


DSC04780 DSC04783 DSC04793 DSC04797

Evangelion (Asuka and Rei)

_DSC4763 _DSC4767 DSC05142

Final Fantasy

DSC05028 DSC05062

DSC05169 DSC05196

Freddy (Frederica?) The 13th

DSC04909 DSC05090

DSC05076 DSC05075

Ghost Buster


Gundam OO (Tieria Erde and Lockon Stratos)



DSC04852 DSC04854 DSC05095

Hell’s Gate

DSC04899 DSC04968

Highlander (McLeod)

DSC04986 DSC04987

Iron Man


Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Jason)

DSC04893 DSC05080

DSC05087 DSC05100



DSC05110 DSC05112


DSC04837 DSC05001

Kamen Rider Kiva (Kiva)


Saint Seiya (Athena)


Don’t know/Not remember…

DSC04815DSC04819 DSC04817

DSC04990 DSC05191

DSC05094 _DSC4773

Please tell me for any wrong category. Wait for the 2nd part!

All photos taken with Sony Alpha A200 with kit lens 18-70mm at ISO 400-1600 and my poor skill Orz. No image alteration except color adjustment and cropping (I’m just laaaazzzyyyy)!

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  1. foto dibawah saint saiya itu kuroshitsuji, (ciel n sebastian) yg baju merah elizabeth

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