TGCC 2009 Day 3 – Coscon: Movie Themed – PART 2

The continuation from previous post!

DSC04829 DSC05212

Still a lot of photo!

Macross Frontier (Michael, Alto, Ranka, and so many Sheryl!)

DSC05119 DSC05120

DSC05122 DSC05132

DSC05154 DSC05136


DSC05123 DSC05124

DSC05125 DSC05127

DSC05133 DSC05148

Mario & Luigi


Pacman (Winner of Coscon: Movie Themed, 1st Rank!) (Ghost Red)

DSC04912 DSC05138


DSC04867 DSC04871

DSC04896 DSC04988

Resident Evil (Tina Wong)


Soul Eater

_DSC4770 DSC04820

DSC04826 DSC04832

Star Trek

DSC04905 DSC05024

DSC05025 DSC05026

Star Wars (StormTrooper, Boba Fet, Darth Maul, Obi-wan)

_DSC4776 DSC04810

DSC04917 DSC04980

DSC05021 DSC05106

Transformers (Bumblebee)

DSC04802 DSC05211

Vocaloid (Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Len )

DSC05185 DSC05187

X-Men (Wolferine)

DSC04992 DSC05085

Forgot the name


DSC05192 DSC05193

All photos taken with Sony Alpha A200 at ISO 400-1600 and internal flash. No image alteration, except color adjustment and cropping. Forgive me for poor photography skill Orz….

Please wait for Day 4 photo coverage, Coscon: Anime themed! More photos!!

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