Mata Da!!! Diginet no Aho!!! (Again!!! Stupid Diginet!!!)

I’m using TelkomNet for write this….

Yo, after I post my rants in here, I got a new IP address and I’m using it right away. I can use bittorrent with decent speed (about 8-12KB/s) and maximum total download speed is 16KB/s(128kbps). They say the connection is capped at that speed, when they advertise 512kbps. Well, I can live with this………

But! This only valid for one day. At 20 February 2008, 12 pm. I cant make any new connection, even into their site! Only old connection from my unfinished download is left(When I write this, I got 0Kb/s for Diginet). I called their Customer Support (+62 21 5764388/99), my IP address in their database is still the old one (122.200.51.x). What the… When they called me, they dont update their own database!? Bah!

This is my connection status:

My Internet Speeds

As you can see, my connection suddenly drops at 12 pm and from there only old connection is left. Now I got 0 KB/s.