Back Online!!(Again)

I’m online again with Diginet.

Abis 1 hari ngga bs pake inet, gw bs online lagi. IP tetep yang 118.x.x.x, speed biasa mentok 16KB/s, bittorrent ud jalan lagi. Ud ngga komplen lagi kalo gini terus

Nah, pas gw lagi nulis ini, entah knp ada orang iseng yang nge “Ping-of-Dead” gw. Gw pake Sygate Personal Firewall ngasi laporan gini:

2/21/2008 19:11:41    Denial of Service    Major    Incoming    ICMP    00-02-6F-3E-13-D5    FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF        #####  #####   Normal    1    2/21/2008 19:10:39    2/21/2008 19:10:39

hal ini bikin jaringan gw jadi spike sama ping ke gateway dan dns rto, ngga terlalu efek ke donlod selain bikin kesel krn suka drop (tapi langsung naek lagi). Yah gw sih ud lapor ke csnya diginet, sisanya liat aja…

Mata Da!!! Diginet no Aho!!! (Again!!! Stupid Diginet!!!)

I’m using TelkomNet for write this….

Yo, after I post my rants in here, I got a new IP address and I’m using it right away. I can use bittorrent with decent speed (about 8-12KB/s) and maximum total download speed is 16KB/s(128kbps). They say the connection is capped at that speed, when they advertise 512kbps. Well, I can live with this………

But! This only valid for one day. At 20 February 2008, 12 pm. I cant make any new connection, even into their site! Only old connection from my unfinished download is left(When I write this, I got 0Kb/s for Diginet). I called their Customer Support (+62 21 5764388/99), my IP address in their database is still the old one (122.200.51.x). What the… When they called me, they dont update their own database!? Bah!

This is my connection status:

My Internet Speeds

As you can see, my connection suddenly drops at 12 pm and from there only old connection is left. Now I got 0 KB/s.