danbooru downloader 20161221

Changelog for Danbooru Downloader 20161221:

  • Implement #46 and #81: prioritize tags based on define list. Please create a file called ‘included_tags.txt’ containing tags separated by lines. Regex is supported. See here.
  • Fix Issue #102: hypnohub url fixes.
  • Fix Issue #91: update website url again.

Download link for latest version, source code in GitHub.

Donate http://bit.ly/DanbooruDownloader

4 thoughts on “danbooru downloader 20161221”

  1. Hello whenever I try to do a batch download with multiple tags it fails, no matter what separator (+ _) I use,

      1. danbooru. I’m logged in using the cookie and if I try, say, pokemon+thighs it will complete without downloading anything. Doing the tags pokemon and thighs separately works fine but multiple tags in one batch won’t work.

        1. upload the log file to pastebin.

          fyi, danbooru have 2 tag limit for searching for free account (rating is counted as one tag). Try to do the same search on main tab first.

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