15 thoughts on “danbooru downloader 20150116”

  1. On 22th may, danbooru got blocked because internet positif.
    Makes the downloader can’t download the image, i tried batch mode it said batch job complete but not a single image was downloaded.

    I also tried to update tags xml then there’s error ” html xmln, was not expected ”

    Could this because danbooru got blocked on my country ?

    1. >> internet positif

      yap, kena sensor sama pemerintah. cari proxy deh 😛

      >> update xml
      same issues, due to the xml content is being replaced by the censored warning.

      1. klo pake proxy masih bsa pake danbooru downloader nya gan ?
        saya coba pake anonymox lewat extension chrome ga jalan batch downloadnya.

    1. Not really possible, you need to load it one by one. You can use limit function to load more images (not all board support this)

      1. oh btw how can I make my batch download save it to folder of the name of the artist instead of the provider?
        like “gia” instead of “SankakuComplex” folder

  2. The limit function does not appear to work for the “main tab” when using the sankaku (https) portion of the drop down menu. I set the limit to 1,000. However, it only loads 20 at a time.

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