BakaReader EX 1.1.25

Change Log for 1.1.25
– Fix Issue #173: Update parser to handle external chapter.
– Fix issue #174: Novel cover scaling.
– Wrap image viewer in html to allow better scaling.
– Refactor DisplayNovelContentActivity and BakaTsukiWebViewClient.
– Add Browser Back for external pages, may only works for KitKat+.
– Fix Issue #175: Prev/Next loading.

Download link: BakaReader EX 1.1.25 or Google Play Store
Source code on Github

3 thoughts on “BakaReader EX 1.1.25”

  1. hey, i have a problem.
    the word in novel was stretching away. there is a very large space between word.
    (something like this)
    it look weird and hard to read.
    Can you tell me how to solve it?

      1. oh thank you
        i have submited the ticket as you told.
        /// novel that i found the problem is mushoku tensei volume 21 chapter 9
        but i dont know about another chaper. i have not check it yet.

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