danbooru downloader 20140827

Change Log:

  • Implement HTTPS handler based on provider url.
  • Update Feature #41: use urlencode on both main tab and batch download tab.
  • Update filename sanitizer to handler issue #45.
  • Update http error code handler.

Download link for danbooru downloader 20140827, source code in GitHub.

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  1. Good day, Nandaka.

    I have a question: when app do a batch job, in the folder, where app is placed, automaticially created text files with name like “Batch Download on xxxx-xx-xx”. Previous versions don’t have that “option”. How can this be turned off?

    Thank you.

  2. could you add a option to download from more then one batch job at a time? or get the page list for the next job so it can start right away after the first job is done? if thats too hard ill understand.

    1. If you add multiple batch job, it should continue to the next one (unless the 1st job is completed before you add the 2nd job).

      Or set the limit high enough, so it will continue to the next page.

      1. sorry might have worded it poorly, i meant all the jobs working at the same time. not just finish one and then starting the next.
        also maybe load like page 2 when its still downloading things from page 1 so there is a little less waiting.

        1. the design is not build for multi-threaded jobs from beginning, so need a major overhaul on the back :D.

          I don’t think I want to redo it 😀

  3. To make no one is tormented by two days downloading Sankaku tags, and at the same time not overload their servers, I give a direct link:


    File size ~5,3 Mb, uncompressed ~48 Mb.
    (Today’s “pure” download.)

    P.S. Sorry, Tiffany, I temporary had no Internet connection before.

    1. change your isp? I don’t think connection issue can be fixed from the app. Most likely the site cap the download speed for your connection due to ‘unusual activity’ 😉

      1. If i try to download 500-700 it goes just fine. But when some very high number is used (750-3000), the download speed is slowed from the start (15-30kb/s). If it was the site it would limit my speed after i downloaded, lets say 500 pics non stop (“this guy is downloading too many pics may be a bot so lets limit his speed”). How can they detect the number of pics i added to the list if it’s only 1 pic being downloaded at once, then after it’s finished it proceeds to next pic? Also yesterday before going to sleep i added 3000 pics list just fine. When i woke up it was finished with all pics at 1-2MB/s.

        1. No idea, unless your CPU usage is maxed when the download happens (due to large list?). Most likely, it is server side related which I have no control (e.g. server load is high, so speed is limited).

  4. How long does this stupid Sankaku tag update thing take? I’ve left it all of yesterday and over night and it’s on 9969 and still going. Can someone just send me an updated one or something? Cause this is ridiculous.

  5. Hello, is it possible for say Danboru, to stack up on tag queries in one entry and separate with comas or something instead of adding multiple batch jobs? Thanks !!!

  6. Hello,
    a question: is it possible to point out that %tags% should ignore %character% inside the ignored tags or will it do it for the whole file name?
    for example if i have a filename like %searchtag%%character%%tags% – %md5%

    would it still use the character is defined in the file name but ignore characters in tags?

      1. it seems that i didn’t wrote it well:

        filename like %searchtag%%character%%tags% – %md5%
        and inside the ingored tags: %character%

        is that possible?

        will the filename still include the defined %character% but not the character tags which would be inside tags?

          1. i mainly would like to know if it would be possible to do that myself?

            C# isn’t really my homebase yet

        1. I just wanted pretty much the same thing so I took a look at the source and changed it without too much problem. Here’s the modified source file Helper.cs and the compiled exe :


          Basically, %tags% is now a complete list of tags without modification, and %general% is the tag list with artists, copyrights, characters, and the ignored tags removed. Ignored Tags only affects %general% and not all the others like %artist% and stuff which was really bad when trying to use regex to ignore everything but select tags (like a whitelist which I saw someone else wanted, so it’s now possible with this)

          This is the first time I do something like this so the compilation might have something wrong. I just downloaded visual studio and pressed build. Seems to work fine for me though.

          1. oh that is pretty close to that what i wanted
            would it also possible to use %copyright% in ignored tags than?

            so that general is ignoring the copyright stuff?

            a pull request was a something like code suggestion/ addication suggestion in github, or?

  7. Hello, I am a complete noob here, how do you download from danbooru with a specific theme, say: swimsuit.
    could anyone please take 2mins of their time and give me the step by step. Also , i get a message, list.xml missing when I start the app. Thanx!!!

    1. How to Use
      A. Getting tags.xml:
      1. Download tags.xml from Settings tab => Click update tags.xml
      2. Select the provider from the URL combo box then press download, I recommend to use yande.re.
      3. Wait untik the download complete.

      B. To search:
      1. Go to main tab, select one of the provider.
      2. Key in the search term like you do in the website on the Tag text box, the other text boxes are just a

      shortcut for specific search term (e.g. rating, order, etc). Check the Search Help for syntax.
      3. Make sure to tick Load Preview in the Danbooru Listing group.
      4. Click the Get button and wait until it finished download the list.
      5. Click the ” button to move between page.

      C. To download individual image
      1. Load the image list following the steps from section B.
      2. Select the images by ticking the checkbox.
      3. Click the Add button, it will show the Download List tab.
      4. Set the Save Folder by pressing the browse button.
      5. Click the Download button to start.
      6. You can also add image by right clicking and select Add Selected Rows.

      D. To do Batch Download
      1. Go to Full Batch Mode.
      2. Click Add Batch Job.
      3. Key in the tag query, this follow the same rule like in the main tab.
      4. Select the provider.
      5. Press OK, the job will be added to the list.
      6. Press Start Batch job to start the download.

      1. Hi, another question if I may. How do you skip/rename files that already exist? thanks again!

          1. Hi, thanks for your prompt reply. Ok so there’s no way of renaming the files ( if they already exist.) ?
            Since some ppl tend to upload files with the same names…unless the website gives them a unique name.

  8. Any chance to make this tool without .NET framework requirement? Not all PCs can have it.

  9. I was trying to add rule34.phael.net to my provider list. I got it only partially working. For whatever reason, it downloaded the first two /index.xml?q=/rss/images/%_query% pages, that’s 120 images. The tag had 900+ images and 16 /index.xml?q=/rss/images/%_query% pages, which I confirmed manually, and when I added 16 batch jobs, one for each page, I did manage to download all 900+ pics. (Always downloaded 60 for each new batch job, and then skipped another 60 images.)
    For all the batch jobs, the “Total avaible” was 0.

    Here is my settings for the provider list:





    Changing the loop value didn’t seem to do anything.
    And I’m pretty sure rule34.phael is shimmie2.
    But obviously I got something wrong.

    Any help would be hugely appreciated.

    1. > For all the batch jobs, the “Total avaible” was 0.

      This value is not always available, so it is normal. Only danbooru xml have it.

      > I got it only partially working.

      Can you create a github issue tracker and paste the log in there?

    1. You means for Non-Unicode? I’ve set it to Japanese, but .NET string should support Unicode naturally. Only the Pixiv Downloader that doesn’t (Python 2 string doesn’t support Unicode internally)

  10. What the difference in the (https)Sankaku tag from the original & is there a way to get past the server error when downloading tags?

    1. Https => Use SSL, so technically it is more secure.

      Server Error => No, as the error is came from server. I don’t have any control for it. Try ask the server owner.

  11. Wow, I really appreciate your effort. Can I make a suggestion? A whitelist for tags would be good, so that certain tags are always in the filename. For example a picture has too many tags and so the filename will always be cutted: 1girl blue_hair aqua_eyes foresh.jpg but if we have foreshortening in the whitelist so name would be: 1girl blue_hair foreshortening aqua_e.jpg so danbooru downloader would cut tags which are not on the whitelist. Instead of the ones which someone wants to keep. Excuse my bad english.

    Just a suggestion, keep up the good work. I will definitely make a donation now, because it’s really helpful.

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