nijie downloader

Change Log:

  • Feature: Update member parser to parse image count.
  • Feature: Update search parser to parse image count.
  • Bug Fix: Update web client to handle url ended with period.
  • Bug Fix: Update https handler.
  • Bug Fix: Update batch job runner.
  • Add test case for parsers.

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23 thoughts on “nijie downloader”

  1. Hi!
    Nijiedownloader stopped working : it does not download anymore but does not return any error. It’s like it doesn’t see the images on Nijie website and therefore, doesn’t find any image to download.

  2. I don’t know why I can’t reply to your last post but I’m using it on my local drive.

      1. Tried it and it still the gives the same error. I’ll just DL the pictures manually since I think I’m the only one getting this error, thanks for your time.

      1. Damn xml…
        Got tired and just made a java app to make the list.txt -> xml

        Crappy fix but hey it works.

          1. It’s really.. shitty right now. I couldn’t figure out how to go to the parent directory of the user-set root(.. didn’t work) and the save directory is always H:nijie”userinput”{memberId}({memberName}){imageId} – {imageTitle} or H:nijie”userinput”{memberId}({memberName})\{imageId} – {imageTitle}\{page} for manga.

            Nijiedownloader is written in C# right? I might actually make a real solution…. Otherwise I’ll just improve my makeshift code to pull the config files off nijiedownloader(Might break when you update though)

          2. Oh I just noticed that using …. to save in a directory two levels above the specified root DOES work, but it saves the path weirdly in the database.. For example if root was C:UserDownloads and you specified ….Nijie{memberId}({memberName})\{imageId} – {imageTitle} the messages that show up while processing batch downloads/database entry for filename would be:

            C:UserDownloads….Nijie{memberId}({memberName})\{imageId} – {imageTitle}

            When expected entry was maybe

            C:Nijie{memberId}({memberName})\{imageId} – {imageTitle}

            Hopefully this doesn’t break anything later.

            I chose not to push a new build because didn’t want to mess with the UI.

            Also.. config files are in appdata 🙁

          1. Do save the application on the shared drive/usb drive? For some reason, the application throwing System.Security.SecurityException: Request failed.

            Try to copy the app to the local drive?

  3. Thanks so much for another update!

    Is there a way to speed up the batch downloading? I feel like it could use some improvement. >8 threads don’t work properly. Some member job that contains 20 images (that are already downloaded) takes almost 2 minutes.

    I know there is no DB support yet, but I really think it should be possible to determine if some image is already downloaded without fetching each image page, using just filenames. What do you think?

    Btw, you said you’d change the [add job] dialog as I’ve suggested previously (move [member] option up in the dropdown list). Can you do it for the next update? I think this really shouldn’t need an entry on GitHub.

    1. >> Image already downloaded

      On Settings -> Download, try to enable ‘Save Image Info to DB’ and ‘Skip if already downloaded in DB’?

      >> change the [add job] dialog

      You better add it to GitHub issue tracker so I don’t forget it 😛

      1. That’s it. I totally forgot that I had Save to DB option disabled due to some old bug. And now it’s working just great as far as I can see. Except there are few exceptions in the log, which I’ll post on GitHub.


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