nijie downloader

Change log:

  • Experimental: Add HTTPS support.
  • Feature: Add settings to change Concurent Job (require restart).
  • Feature: Add settings to add delay between each job.
  • Feature: Implement browse/open save directory.
  • Feature: Implement delete user.config.
  • Bug Fix: Update Start/Stop/Pause logic.
  • Bug Fix: Update login logic.
  • Bug Fix: Update tag click handler from Image Page.

Download link for nijie downloader, Source Code in GitHub.

Please report any issue on  GitHub Issue Tracker

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9 thoughts on “nijie downloader”

  1. Hmm It seems to be that i can’t change my default saving folder, even if i change and press “save” it will still download to one specific folder, would you mind showing me how to fix that? 🙂

  2. How do i use the newer versions do i have to install the 1st one and copy the new files?

  3. Does the Batch downloading by member id work for anyone? Doesn’t work for me since

      1. Good news: a test build from GitHub solved this issue for me. Thank so much, nandaka!

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