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  1. I’m frequently getting this error when trying to download from Sankaku:

    [DoBatchJob] Download: //cs.sankakucomplex.com/data/a0/aa/a0aa5698a9e70e3cfd1de66a175392b7.jpg?540933
    [DoBatchJob] Error: Illegal characters in path.
    Inner: Illegal characters in path.
    Stack Trace:
    at System.Net.WebClient.DownloadFile(Uri address, String fileName)
    at DanbooruDownloader3.FormMain.DoDownloadBatch(String targetUrl, DanbooruBatchJob job, DanbooruPost post, String filename)
    at DanbooruDownloader3.FormMain.DoBatchJob(BindingList`1 batchJob)

  2. Hi, I seem to have hit an odd error. The %character% tag seems to no longer work. This is with an older version and with the latest version. Pictures downloaded will have no character tag listed in the right place. Instead, if it puts the character tag in at all, it will do so in the regular tags in alphabetical order.

    I have even done a fresh install and cleared my settings. It still does it.

      1. That one works fine, but others do not. When I redownloaded tags from those other sites before this started happening, I noticed the tags file was much smaller. What was once 16MB+ was now 4KB.

      2. OK, this is weird. If I have the tags file from the provider I am downloading in the directory, it will not tag correctly. If I have one from rule34.xxx or yandre.re it works.

        But I do have a secondary question. Danbooru allows for wildcards with a *, is it possible to use this in the ignored tag section? Like if I want to ignore all tags like “blonde_hair”, I could use “*_hair” and it would work? Because currently it isn’t working.

        This is all with a freshly installed copy, and cleared configuration. I reinstalled and cleared it after having the trouble above.

        1. You need to enable Use Regex and use Regular Expression syntax (different from danbooru), in your case try “.*_hair”

  3. Thank you for adding hypnohub.net!

    One thing I noticed is that %tags% will include all tags, making a double of any other “specific” tag included.
    i.e. using %artist% %tags%, the name of the artist will be included twice.
    Is there a way to avoid this?

    1. When it first run, it should show the dialog to download the tags.xml, select one of the provider (I recommend to use yande.re) and press download. If you already closed it, you can re-open it from Settings tab -> Update Tags.xml button.

      1. thanks and….
        this software can automatic create folder with tags query ?….And how i know if some tags query duplicated…


  4. How do you download Sankaku tags without getting the 429 too many requests error? I tried setting the retry to 600 and left it on for two days before I got disconnected at over 7000 tags. Is there a way to fix this? I thought it was already fixed? Can I maybe get a zip file of the Sankaku tags?

    1. You can try to increase the Batch Delay to 1000ms? If it is disconnected at page 7000, you can continue it from that page and retry again.

      There is no way to fix 429, as this is the limit set by the server.

      Also, Sankaku block/limit a lot of thing, including the tags source, so I need to parse the actual html page when other *booru provide the xml directly.
      I recommend you to use yande.re as the tag source.

  5. Can you explain what Enable Cookie, Pad User Agent and Enable Compression exactly do? I’ve always wondered if I should use any of them.

    1. Cookie => related to authentication (e.g. Danbooru require you to login to remove the keyword limit, sankaku send additional session cookie).
      Pad User Agent => Last time sankaku limit the connection based on user agent, this one pad the user agent with random character.
      Enable Compression ==> enable gzip compression support (depend on server).

  6. Can you use multiple tags in the search query? it would help extremly if i could add -comic (exlude pictures with the comic tag) for my search result and batches.

  7. I found a specific bug in the downloader, that may be somewhat tricky to work around.

    1) Do either a regular booru search, or a batch download on Sankaku Complex, Danbooru, or Gelbooru. (Presumably any booru, but it’s confirmed busted for these three).
    2) Search for the series “Blood+”.
    3) Watch as the downloader pulls up any sort of image with blood in it.

    Presumably, this is failing because it’s ignoring the + symbol due to it also being what ties it together in URLs (e.g; it’d be something like “tags=blood++rating=…” and so as a result it just winds up searching for any image with “blood.”

  8. Hello, the batch jobs apparently work when using Ultrasurf proxy (, but when I try to download tags this error shows up:
    System.InvalidOperationException: was not expected. at Microsoft.Xml.Serialization.GeneratedAssembly.XmlSerializationReaderDanbooruTagCollection.Read5_tags()
    What is wrong?

    1. most likely the returned xml is invalid. can you try to update using another booru(e.g. yande.re)? which booru you are using?

      1. okay, thank you ^^

        it is easier with a pc xD

        well, im not sure about it why it isn’t working oo

  9. hey nandaka,

    i wanted to ask if the danbooru downloader also could be used on other booru sites?

        1. Another question:

          for the full batch mode – how can i let it download all pages form the provider with the searched tag?

  10. I no longer worked danbooru downloader then I deleted it, now I tried to re-download it but I do not work anymore, someone please tell me what are the files that I need?

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