nijie downloader

Change Log:

  • Feature: Add save/load batch job.
  • Feature: Add custom filename format per job.
  • Feature: Add new meta filename format {searchTag} based on the search tags used.
  • Feature: Add auto calculate image column count on Member and Search page.
  • Feature: Implement Pause/Stop button on batch job.
  • Feature: Allow ” in filename format for path separator.
  • Bug Fix: Update error handling.
  • Bug Fix: Update big image parser.

Download link for nijie downloader, Source Code in GitHub.

Please report any issue on  GitHub Issue Tracker, or I just tend to forget it 😛

EDIT: Found out minor bug on starting batch download 😛 After press Start, please press Pause, then Resume button to actually run the job. I’ll fix it in the next release…

11 thoughts on “nijie downloader”

  1. It cannot login to Pixiv. If I use a browser to go there and log in, it works fine. If I put the same L/P into the downloader, it tells me the username or password are invalid. Password is a letter, several numbers and another letter, nothing fancy.

    1. copy the cookie from browser:
      1. Open Firefox.
      2. Login to your pixiv, remember to enable [Remember Me] check box.
      3. Right click the page and select View Page Info.
      4. Click the Security tab.
      5. Click the View Cookies button.
      6. Look for Cookie named = PHPSESSID.
      7. Copy the content value.
      8. Open config.ini, go to [Authentication] section, paste the value to
      cookie, set ‘keepsignedin = 1’.

      1. Thank you. I have found the session ID value, but the shortcut to the downloader is of some special type that in Windows 7, it appears not to point to anything or have any values that the user can see. I searched my hard drive and seem to have found the installation directory at C:UsersmeAppDataLocalApps2.0B5QOROLN.1BR1NAXHMEB.HA4niji..tion_250c3606caf681fc_0001.0000_671bff0ae244177d but there is no config.ini file. I checked the XML file NijieDownloader.UI.exe.config but there is no “Authentication” section in it either.

          1. I assumed you meant I should copy the cookie data from the browser to Nijie’s INI? I don’t know of a Pixiv program.

            Firefox was not on the requirements list; I’d hope this can be done with any browser I can access cookie data for?

          2. Ohhh… I’m sorry. That’s embarassing. I searched for a Pixiv downloader and found this program… I’d never heard of the Nijie site, and thought that was just the program name. Dumb mistake…

            Thanks again for the fast responses and sorry to waste your time!

  2. Thanks for the update!

    Some bugs:
    – Inserting in filenames does work, and creates proper folders, but files are also being written outside of those folders, with _ instead of . This happened once at some point, not sure why. It was fine after I loaded test batch job with 4 member ids.
    – I got error when tried to update (something like “this tool is already installed from different file”) so had to uninstall previous version, Had to re-enter my login and settings afterwards.
    – as you mentioned, indeed batch downloading works only after pause/resume click. Long lists would need this constantly to progress due to queuing.

    Small UI issues:
    – mouse scroll doesn’t work in batch dl menu or anywhere else.
    – check boxes in batch dl menu need attitional click before they work.
    – process image tab size and its scrollbar are inadequate to default window size.
    – window position and size are not saved between sessions.

    I wish the tool to be more automated. E.g. option to auto-login and auto-load some batch-list (or not wipe it on exit), like it was with pixiv tool and list.txt. Have a really hard time building list in xml format – the old “1 line = 1 id” was so much easier. I like how it can handle 5 member-jobs at once, but not sure if server is ok with that.

    More filename tags I’d like to have for reference: image_title and original_filename

    About GitHub – do we have to report 1 bug per 1 issue? Can we post feature requests as issues? I’ll try to report what I can, just tell us the better way.

    Looking forward to more updates!

  3. Hi there, the mediafire link is “/folder/undefined/”
    Eagerly looking forward to trying the latest version out!

    In case you didn’t see the comment from the last thread, parsing a list from an external text files would be a great option – as fun as the new UI is to use it is often more detailed than we need 😀

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