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  1. I’m having an issue with giving the downloader permission to read my list.txt file, I figured it was something simple as just having the thing run via admin, but the problem persists. Here’s the paste of what the console shows: http://pastebin.com/UYSDWRG9.

    1. 1. Make sure the file is the correct folder, in your case: C:UsersTDesktoppixivlist.txt (case sensitive).
      2. Try to move the pixiv folder to somewhere else, e.g.: D:pixiv?

      1. Alright that seemed to be the case with me having the directory typed in wrong or something like that, but now I’m getting permission denied even though the text file and the PixivUtil app have all permissions I can give them. Basically the both of them have full control, here’s a pastebin of what the console is showing now: http://pastebin.com/LueCEUvw

        I also moved the entire thing to C:pixiv so it should just be C:pixiv for the download list directory, right?

          1. Oh wow I feel dumb now, I didn’t have file extensions showing so the file was list.txt.txt ; I’ve got it working now thankfully.

  2. Fun error I ended having on my Linux box:
    When going, eg “python PixivUtil2.py -s 2 38344819 -x &> error.log” to get a sample of it, output would be

    I shall try to troubleshoot from this end revert some configuration changes, no idea what can cause this.
    On WIndows everything is ok.

    1. Unicode Error… Looks like the python library in Linux have problem with it.

      Try to change the filenameformat without the title/tag/artist name? Use only the member_id and image_id.

    2. I found what caused a problem, but now why it was caused.
      When using terminal from physical machine, everything is perfect. When using ssh with putty, it does not work as shown.

      No idea why.

  3. I hope not to be a bother, I have two little suggestions for the tool. And I’m completely sorry if either of them has been addressed already or if the functionality is already in the program and I couldn’t notice it.
    1) When downloading from list the titlebar of the program is updated with the MemberID being downloaded and the Page nr. Can’t you include a counter as well, so we can quickly know how far we are in the list? Something in the lines of MemberId: 1234 Page: 5 Order: 9 of 17.
    2) I have many galleries ripped that have (literally) thousands of images. So whenever I run the update there’s only a few new images to be saved, but it checks every image in every page to see whether if it’s been downloaded or not. That wastes a lot of time, since the tool downloads in a given order and normally once it founds one image it downloaded, all the further images in the user have been downloaded as well (but the tool still checks it). Can’t you add a variable in the config to determine that after a given amount of coincidences it skips to the next user? If the value in the variable is 0 then it works as normal (it checks every picture), but with any positive integer value the tool skips to the next user in the list once there is that given amount of files already downloaded consecutively.
    Thank you for your time.

      1. 1) Done.
        2) What an idiot, I’m so sorry. The worst thing is that I did read Readme.txt
        Thanks a lot.

        1. I do not see this request? if it wasn’t added, I may do so next time I would get here.
          Also, added my own feature request.

  4. I’d love to be able to set a folder where errors / logs / etc would br wrotten.

  5. hey, is there any way to download the image type only?
    not the “mode : manga”

    1. that’s weird. Do you have firewall? Try to use proxy? Maybe your network got some issue? or you can try it on another pc?

      or you can use cookie login:
      1. Login to pixiv through your browser, tick the remember checkbox.
      2. Copy the cookie for PHPSESSID to config.ini (search google how to do it)

  6. I have this error in every time I try to download in Member ID mode
    AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘ul’
    Can you help me?

      1. Any member_id have same error, I didn’t try the other mode.
        Log file: pastebin.com/ZTD1FBU7
        Config: pastebin.com/ptWKy5sT

        1. Can you upload Error page for member 59958.html to mediafire?

          Also, do you set the languange in pixiv website to english/japanese?

          1. Looks like the page is redirected to login page.

            Try to check your username/password (or change the password to simpler one for testing).

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