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  1. may i ask why suddenly the download stopped(timed out) eventhough i already connect to the internet??
    any idea to make this program work better??
    thanks 🙂

        1. Try to increase it by 30s increments? This is depend on your networks.
          Try to connect to other networks if the time out still happened.

          1. well i lve in Indonesia, so the connection is a bit slow and unstable (smartfren)
            also can i use an exception for the things i want to download??
            thanks once again

          2. By exceptions, you means Blacklist?

            There is a feature to download based on tags, see the readme.txt for more details.

  2. Unrelated to previous comments, may be useful in following development of downloader, IDK.

    >python-catcher module generates rich HTML tracebacks (including source code and locals), submits it to the web and generates a permalink.


  3. logging in with saved cookie
    Trying to log with saved cookie
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “PixivUtil2.py”, line 1542, in main
    File “PixivUtil2.py”, line 244, in pixivLoginCookie
    File “mechanize_mechanize.pyc”, line 203, in open
    File “mechanize_mechanize.pyc”, line 255, in _mech_open
    httperror_seek_wrapper: HTTP Error 504: Gateway Timeout
    press enter to exit.

    1. updatedLimitCount reset everytime it fetch the next page, so technically the max value is 20 (whole page already downloaded).

      1. Damn, I do not want to refetch everything. 2.5k entries. Slow, slow process. I am unable to leave PC up and running for a week.
        Can I ask for any solution?

          1. Or put this information in readme. So this behavior would not confuse.
            Yes, for me consistent behavior of checkUpdatedLimit is: updatedLimitCount increases on every file that was correctly not downloaded, if it exist in database or not. updatedLimitCount resets when downloader moves to next MemberId / tag. updatedLimitCount resets when downloader downloads image. When updatedLimitCount == checkUpdatedLimit , downloader goes to next memberId / tag.

            Sorry for ranting, but I am annoyed that downloader spends so much time doing nothing.

  4. Hey, it’s not working. Whenever I try to use it now it says a server error. My login also got temporarily locked when I logged out. There’s a “human check” on the login on pixiv.net.

    1. Never encounter the human check, can you upload the page to mediafire if it is happen?

      For now, you can use chrome/firefox, go to the pixiv website and do login, tick remember login, then after login, get the cookie value for PHPSESSID and paste it to config.ini.

  5. I was late with updating downloader, as a result a number of thumbnails was downloaded instead of images. Is there a way to force download of all missing images that were found by cleanup or way to download images from the list? Is it possible to implement this functionality somehow?

    1. To process the whole image list from members:
      1. Clean Up the DB, press ‘d’, then ‘c’.
      2. Set this in the config.ini:

      Anyhow, the big image is still downloaded in that version, not only the thumbs.

      1. I always have weirdest problems. It was two versions ago. So, I do as you told after removing offending miniatures?
        Thanks for help.

  6. I’ve been using the program for long and I still do not understand what the “dayslastupodated” option does exactly. Is it better for me to set an high number on it, so that I don’t stumble in any limitations?

    1. From readme.txt:
      daylastupdated ==> Only process member_id which x days from the last check.

      This only apply if you enable db. Basically rather than selecting all member id, just take the one based on the last check date.

      Set to 0 to get all member everytime you run option 2.

  7. Is it safe to quit the program mid-download? Or will it result in broken images(That the program won’t overwrite later)

    Also, nijie.info support pls.

    1. When downloading, the image will be saved with .pixiv extension. The application detect unfinished download based on this extensions and it will deleted when restarting the download.

      Please take note if you click the close button directly, the DB might not yet flushed to disk. Use CTRL+C instead.

      1. Thank you for responding.

        Just wondering, would restarting the download process from scratch fix any problems caused by using the close button directly?

        1. If it have recorded to db as downloaded, then yes. It will check the if temp/unfinished download (marked by .pixiv extension) is exists, if exists then it will be restarted from beginning (no resume support).

  8. Oh, so now it does not panic and run in circles when my internet connection suddenly flips belly up in the middle of download, and mechanize screams errors for entire queue of loading manga pages?

  9. Nice work man, this tool is amazing, but I have a problem. I choose to save the files with the character name and original name of the file, something like: “mugino_shizuri c4732cf967c0220f0c17865ba6936343.jpg” so I use the format: %character% %originalFilename% and that works just dandy. Still some files are saved just with the original file name but without the character name. Why is that and how can i fix it?

    1. Should be Danbooru Downloader? Anyway, it is depend on tags.xml. If the tags is not defined as character (default is purple color if Colored Tags is enabled in Settings tab), then it wont be used for %character%.

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