Danbooru Downloader 20121026

Change Log:

  • Change matching mode for Tag Blacklist to equals ignore case.
  • Add option to use Regex for Tag Blacklist and Tag Ignore.
  • Refactor DanbooruPostDao.
  • Use BackgroundWorker for loading downloaded list.

Download link for Danbooru Downloader 20121026, source code in GitHub. Donation link in here or in the sidebar 😀.

EDIT: Update zip file to include DanbooruProviderList.xml

27 thoughts on “Danbooru Downloader 20121026”

  1. Uhmmm… Can you please explain in brief how to use this software? I keep geting either Unexpected Error handler or No post problem. I don’t know what to do, even though i already filled the box in the main tab with (supposedly) right tags/provide etc. Sorry for the useless question, but its my first time using this software and i keep getting the same error (Even though i already read the readme.txt too).

    1. Can you give me the screen shot/more details? Can you give me the log file? If the log file says Unhandled Exception System.IO.FileNotFoundException, redownload the zip file again to get the DanbooruProviderList.xml

      1. http://img694.imageshack.us/img694/2189/iwonder.png

        I already have the xml file too. Well yeah, i bet there is something wrong with my input in the form >.< , and one more question, i put both the log4net, and html agility pack in exact same folder with the downloader's file, did the problems are caused by that? if so, where should i put both of them, any specific directory? Thanks and sorry for the (again) newb question.

    2. Nah, Whenever i remove it from the source box, an error occured : System.InvalidOperationException: was not expected.
      at Microsoft.Xml.Serialization.GeneratedAssembly.XmlSerializationReaderDanbooruTagCollection.Read5_tags()

      based from the error message, does the error come from the tags?

      1. Wow, its just as you said, the error exactly comes from the tags.xml file, when i update it, it works just fine, thanks!

  2. I was going to make a danbooru downloader a couple of months ago, found yours, and never bothered writing my own. One thing I always planned to put in, however, was metadata tags. Is that something you’ve considered/discarded?

    1. Any examples? The only tags I have implemented is on the image tag only, such as: artist, circle, characters, etc.

      Anyway, the source code is on GitHub if you want to extend the tags parsing 😀

      1. I meant the “tags” field of image metadata. It’s a list field, separated by semicolons. That would mean that not everything would be in the filename, which would mean shorter filenames (good on Windows pre-Win8) and ensure that images with a lot of search tags would be able to include them all (I don’t think there’s a cap?). In addition, other info could be put in metadata, as an increasing number of search and image management programs make good use of metadata.

        I think I will fork this if I get the time, and will link when/if I finish 🙂

  3. Hello,

    Is it possible to add a functionality where the user can right click on a thumb and add the “artist” tag to batch download?

  4. Hey nandaka, can you make a tutorial for this downloader? It looks really promising, but I don’t know what 90% of the features are and how they work.
    I also keep getting only 20 results… I’m changing the limit by going to (for example) danbooru->edit->defaultlimit but it doesn’t do anything. I have no idea how the full batch works either…
    Sorry for being such a noob….
    I’m using it to download all pictures from booru-like sites that fit 3+ tags. Just that.

    1. Some *booru limit the number of returned query even you overwrite the number of limit (Sankaku Complex). The default limit is more like for your information only.

      For tutorial, currently I don’t have and don’t plan to write one :(, check the readme.txt first and you can just ask in here or just try it yourself 🙂

  5. It seems like I’m doing something wrong. The program never opens. An icon comes up in my notification icons bar and then disappears.

        1. >> Could not find file ‘DanbooruDownloader20121026DanbooruProviderList.xml’.
          Download the zip file again and extract DanbooruProviderList.xml and put it into you application folder.

      1. But that’s not in the zip….
        Only 6 files: readme.txt, 2 .dlls, .manifest, .exe.config and .exe.

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