10 thoughts on “Danbooru Downloader 20120826”

  1. Hi, your app is awesome but it doesn’t work for Sankaku Complex (at least not for me), it correctly get a list of entries in the Main page but the Url column is empty so any download attempt fails by reporting no url.
    Maybe I’m doing something wrong … the other providers works nicely though.
    Have a nice day

      1. mmm … it looks like this can’t be fixed easily. Well, if you manage to do something in the next versions, I’ll be glad. Thank you anyway 🙂

  2. Hi, my danbooru downlaoder still saying root element is missing. I’m pretty sure i’m doing something wrong over here so i’m going to state what i have wrote in my danbooru downlaoder.

    Provider: gelbooru.com (XML)
    Query: tags=hanbok&limit=100
    Limit: 50
    Page: 5
    Order by: None
    Rating: All
    Default limit: 20
    Hard limit: 100
    QueryStringXml: /index.php?page=dapi&s=post&q=index&%_query%
    username: Typed
    UseAuth: True
    PasswordHarsh: ————————————

    -Danbooru Listing section-
    Checked on……Load preview and Auto load next start page

    Paduser Agent section has been also checked

    is there anything wrong in that setting ?

      1. It still says root element is missing, and when I change XML into Json, program close automatically. This only happens when I tried to use gelbooru. I dont have any problem with download image from Dnabooru, except preview picture is not showing eventhough Load Preview sign is checked.

        1. Gelbooru doesn’t support JSON. Can you restore the original DanbooruProvider.xml from the zip file and try again without modifying the xml?

          I have tested and show no error. I only get the error if the login/authentication info is used. Currently I don’t know the API required for gelbooru login.

  3. I haven’t updated this downloader since January, so the tags.xml is new to me. What is it for?

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