Danbooru Downloader 20120816 (UPDATED)

Change log:

  • Disable AutoGenerateColumn for DataGridView.
  • Fix validation for start page.
  • Update error message for 403 Forbidden.
  • Update tags.xmll merging status message.

Change log 20120815:

  •  Add start-up check for missing tags.xml

Change log from DanbooruDownloader20120724:

  • Add option to remember the save folder when exit.
  • FormProvider: OK button will always save the Provider settings.
  • Add PasswordHash field in DanbooruProvider.xml
    • This field is calculated based on the password and salt.
  • Clear the Password field everytime the provider is saved.
    • You still can edit using notepad to add the password, this will be used for calculating the hash and will be cleared when fetching the list for the first time.
  • DownloadTagsForm: Fix the proxy setting.
  • Update AutoComplete behaviour.
    • Enter = Append and select the keyword
    • Space = Append and add space
    • Backspace  = Delete 1 character from keyword
    • Escape = Clear the append box
    • Double Click = identical with Enter.
  • Add validation for image limit and starting page.
  • Trim the tag and source text box data (only in the query).
  • Add context menu to reload thumbnail.

Download link for Danbooru Downloader 20120815, Danbooru Downloader 20120816, source code in GitHub.

38 thoughts on “Danbooru Downloader 20120816 (UPDATED)”

  1. all version after 20120405(add tag.xml) is the same >_<
    and you cant see this video?
    i used version is 20120826 in video…

      1. sorry,i dont know what “filename format and the query used” mean?
        how can i remove %source%?
        and this error just happen when i load xml then click download,
        if i search then add to download list is normai,

        1. Filename Format: go to settings tab and check what is the used format, see readme.txt for more details. Query used: The keyword you are using for searching.

          Anyway, the error is because null source from one of the format given. I’m using %provider%%rating% – %id% – %tags% as the format and tags.xml from sankaku, I can download just fine.

  2. the problem is just for danbooru it seems, since i can’t download them manually.

    1. wordpress eat the tag 🙂 your user name your password true

      or you can click the Edit button on main page, select the provider (danbooru) and fill the username and password from there. also don’t forget to select True in Use Auth fields

  3. a quick question
    this is how i should put everything right?

  4. How do I make the program access a booru through my login data, so it can also read my tag blacklist? I edited the “provider” space with my login data (of Sankaku Complex to be precise), and put “true” to auth, but nothing happens, only the username is saved and I still see blacklisted tags. I tried to edit the xml file but it is read only so it doesn’t allow me to put the password in. What am I doing wrong?

    1. It won’t read the blacklisted tag even after you login. The API doesn’t have a way to tell which post is blacklisted. You can use Tag Blacklist text box on Settings tab to grayed-out the blacklisted post.

      The xml is not read only, probably you tried to edit when the program still running.

  5. Hi, little help here. I don’t understand why but whenever I tries to download the images from gelbooru, it keeps saying “root element is missing” is there any way to fix this problem ?

    2012-08-17 02:17:35,228 INFO – Turning on logging
    2012-08-17 02:17:36,720 INFO – Starting up Danbooru Downloader 3.2012.08.16
    2012-08-17 02:17:36,814 DEBUG – Loading provider list.
    2012-08-17 02:17:36,858 DEBUG – Provider list loaded.
    2012-08-17 02:17:36,922 DEBUG – Danbooru Downloader 3.2012.08.16 loaded.
    2012-08-17 02:18:23,767 DEBUG – Loading provider list.
    2012-08-17 02:18:23,982 DEBUG – Provider list loaded.
    2012-08-17 02:18:29,271 INFO – Getting list: http://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=dapi&s=post&q=index&tags=Korea&limit=100&pid=1000
    2012-08-17 02:18:29,745 DEBUG – Download list completed
    2012-08-17 02:18:31,101 ERROR – Root element is missing.
    System.Xml.XmlException: Root element is missing.
    at System.Xml.XmlTextReaderImpl.Throw(Exception e)
    at System.Xml.XmlTextReaderImpl.ParseDocumentContent()
    at System.Xml.XmlTextReaderImpl.Read()
    at System.Xml.XmlTextReader.Read()
    at DanbooruDownloader3.DAO.DanbooruPostDao.ProcessXML(XmlTextReader reader)
    at DanbooruDownloader3.DAO.DanbooruPostDao.ReadXML(Stream input)
    at DanbooruDownloader3.DAO.DanbooruPostDao..ctor(Stream input, DanbooruProvider provider, String query, String searchTags, String referer, Boolean isXMl, List`1 BlacklistedTag)
    at DanbooruDownloader3.FormMain.clientList_DownloadDataCompleted(Object sender, DownloadDataCompletedEventArgs e)

    1. weird, is ok in my pc. The error message is caused by wrong/invalid xml data being sent by server. Either the server got problem or the internet connection was unstable/cut off.

      Anyway, you tried to get the page 1001 for tags=Korea, which doesn’t exist (only yield 59 images with 100 images per page). Usually it will show No Posts! dialog.

  6. Update just as I was learning to use it better 😀

    If I can suggest an update or features for a future version: a bigger window for putting the tags blacklist. As it is now, it is very inconvenient to use. Alternately, it would be cool if there was a blacklist you can compile and load from a text file.

  7. #New bug#
    After I’ve made a query on the Main tab, the Page field is set to “1” or however many pages according to resulting rows. If I decide to erase the queried Tag and make a completely different search, it automatically clears this Page value and makes it NULL (left blank). Then for EVERY character I type or try to erase or paste (pretty much any change in the Tag field value) results in this annoying popup box stating “Invalid page value =” and then it proceeds to set the page value to 1, which is fine and dandy until I go to type the next character in the tag query which resets the page value back to null, making an ongoing cycle of auto switching the page value from null to 1 whilst trying to type my tag query.

    screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/qW4Xa.jpg

  8. I have a relatively simple suggestion for the tags.xml updater/builder. It should include a message somewhere that lets the user know the program may seems to halt or “Stop Responding” while building or updating a tags.xml file. Gelbooru especially seems to take a long time to build and most of that time the process is labeled as “Not Responding” but I know if I wait for it it will complete successfully. I imagine many users may close or kill the process thinking it has failed.

    1. Additionally, I noticed this occurs more noticeably during the “Merging” process.

  9. I was trying to download from gelbooru, but the image limit was fixed at 100 – why is this? I then edited the hardlimit – I realise I wasnt meant to do this: it now says “root element missing” even though I’ve changed the hardlimit back to 100. Why would it only get 100 images, anyway?

    1. gelbooru only allow you to fetch 100 images per request. the limit is from server. you need to fetch the next page.

  10. This release fixed my batch crashing problem from before, thanks.

    #Found a new bug
    -with tags.xml built from gelbooru, query vocaloid at gelbooru (query keywords or provider source seem irrelevant to bug)
    -right click any resulting row and “Add selected rows”
    -an exception window will occur http://pastebin.com/0D2HVHEd I select to Continue despite the exception
    -Download List shows one unusable entry on the list http://i.imgur.com/TwZjO.jpg (sometimes it doesn’t add a row at all actually, but the column headers will look the same as in image)
    -then I simply press “Clear List” and try the whole process again and it works just fine.

    So it only occurs the first time, but re-occurs every time you reload DD3.

    1. is it only affecting tags.xml from gelbooru? do you reorder the column? I think this is because the auto generate column. I’ll check it.

      1. It seems to occur with any tags.xml. I tried Danbooru, Sankaku Complex, and Gelbooru, as well as merges of those three. I haven’t touched the columns, they are organized as default.

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