danbooru downloader 20120316

Change log:

  • Add Clear All Batch Job as requested by Xemnarth.
  • Fix Start Batch Job button state if abort on error is checked.
  • Add background color for batch job state (red == error, green == completed).
  • Retain last entered job information (cleared when closing the application).
  • Add context menu to delete job in batch job grid.

Download link here, source code at GitHub.

20 thoughts on “danbooru downloader 20120316”

  1. Dovak has changed the url to his site. It’s not

    -> oreno.imouto.org

    anymore. Instead it is

    -> yande.re

    now. Therefor the Danbooru Downloader doesn’t work with imouto. Hope you can change the url in your next update.

    1. Nevermind, I changed the destination folder and it’s working fine now. Can you delete the above reply?

  2. Great application, just one question…

    Is there some way to change the default save folder in batch mode? Under ‘Add Batch Job’ there is a ‘Save Folder’ option that defaults to ‘%provider%%rating% – %id% – %tags%’, but if you try actually enter a folder such as ‘C:Konachan%provider%%rating% – %id% – %tags%’, then it just seems to fail.

    1. Actually it takes both the folder specified in Save Folder text box in ‘Download List’ tab and in the Add Batch Job dialog. If you clear the save folder in the ‘Download List’, it should work.

  3. Another thing I just noticed: The batch downloader is converting spaces in queries to underscores, which makes it impossible to narrow queries down or exclude tags.

  4. Is there any way to get batch downloads to download every page that matches the search terms? Maybe I’m just missing something obvious but I can’t see how to get it to download more than one page from each provider selected.

      1. Yeah, I had tried that, but it was skipping images. After experimenting with it more I think I’m starting to understand what’s happening. I think there’s some kind of bug that occurs when you set up a batch job to download from both a Danbooru-style board and a Gelbooru-style board, probably related to the difference in page numbers (Danbooru starts counting from 1, Gelbooru starts counting from 0). It seems like all of the images from the Danbooru-style boards are downloaded, but at least the first page is skipped on the Gelbooru-style boards. When batch jobs are run with only Gelbooru-style boards they seem to complete correctly.

  5. What about adding a new option to download a range of pages in a batch job? That would be cool.

  6. The application crashes after batch download error (server unavailable) with Abort On Error checked. It seems you haven’t embedded the auto-retry download after error, have you? I suggest fixing that in the next release.

    It would also be nice if you can add %artist% %character% and %copyright% in the tags options.


      1. Clearing completed downloads while still downloading other batch jobs will result in the application crashing (verified).

    1. >> %artist% %character% and %copyright%

      This one is hard, because we cannot get the artist information from the xml except we query each tags and do local caching for checking the tags type.

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