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  1. Since I still don’t know how to use git repositories in the right way, I have some improvements for you:

    Please add “global args” to the list of global variables in your main() thread. Otherwise there will always be a error message when using command line options. (Until now I always changed it myself.)

    #added the ‘8’ in the following line:
    if op in (‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’, ‘4’, ‘8’):
    opisvalid = True
    elif op == None:
    opisvalid = False

    #changed New Illust from Bookmark to accept command line parameter (will always start from page 1 if commandline is used)
    elif selection == ‘8’:
    __log__.info(‘New Illust from Bookmark mode.’)
    if opisvalid:
    pageNum = 1
    pageNum = raw_input(‘Start Page: ‘) or 1
    processNewIllustFromBookmark(mode, int(pageNum))

    #added the following in processNewIllustFromBookmark():
    #before decomposing parsedPage:
    nextPage = parsedPage.find(attrs={‘rel’:’next’})
    #after deleting parsedPage:
    if nextPage is None: #this will prevent pixiv Downloader to continue endlessly
    print “That’s all. No next page found.”
    elif npisvalid == True: #Yavos: overwrite config-data
    if i > np and np != 0:
    elif i > __config__.numberOfPage and __config__.numberOfPage != 0 :

    You should probably add the last change to every page-loop since it will in any case prevent the not needed jump to the non existent next page. But it’s not necessary since I couldn’t reproduce this bug on any other page so far. (I don’t know why but in my bookmark_new_illust.php shows the last page again if I go higher than the maximum page number.)


    1. For the new op, I have add it in the new version.

      for the processNewIllustFromBookmark(), apparently pixiv set the hard limit at 100 pages. I think I will do a checking based on the page number.

  2. and about Time problem:
    Disable the automatic daylight savings time and back in time configuration

    1. >> time problem
      care to explain?
      >> How to download don’t my bookmarks images
      I don’t quite understand your question. You want to blacklist the member_id or you want to download from the member_id’s bookmark?

  3. Im using a Razer Black Widow but i tried using plugging in my logitech keyboard which I used before but now it doesn’t, I just noticed that even for the older version it doesn’t work… I’ll test out the downloader on another computer.

    I looked at the config .ini and it looks the same as the clean copy… I just use the .exe

  4. Instead of giving a “user ID not exist/deleted” error when trying to download memberid 856698, I get an ‘nonetype’ has no attribute ‘ul’

  5. I am able to log onto pixiv normally on the site…
    Like it physically doesnt allow me to type anything into the CMD window after I enter in my user name.

    1. Can you give me the config.ini and list.txt and paste it to pastebin? Do you use the source or the binary? All is working in my place.

  6. I can’t seem to type in my password after entering my user name, the only thing i could press is enter. When I add in the password in the config.ini it still doesn’t work.

    1. can you login to your pixiv account? try to change your password to something else. I can login just fine using the latest version.

  7. Hey, so I’ve got a weird issue with the last two releases. When I go to download by member ID the files are saved into the root directory I specify but when I try to save by the list and set uselist to True it saves into the pixivutil20111111/_ folder. The same happens with processfromdb.

        1. there is a space ‘ ‘ in the list.txt after the member_id. I assume you are using the export function, I will fix this. For now you can just remove the space from the list.txt (use find and replace for space).

  8. Hi, thanks for the great work with the earlier releases, sadly I can’t download the newest as Uploader keeps saying I have used my limit, although I don’t use it for anything else.
    Do you have a mirror download site?
    Thanks again

  9. Whenever I download through tags it downloads the pictures into different folders.
    Is there a way to stop this and downloaded them all in one folder?
    I find this little item useful and I thank you for making this neat downloader.

  10. I think I explained something wrong. Sorry.
    I wanted to see what is currently downloaded file and who is the artist behind it without need to scroll up. Or do something else beside looking at taskbar. My proposed solution for this was to show properties of currently processed file in the console title, formatted as specified in filename format in configuration file.
    At least, PixivDownoader 20111111 works fine, too,

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