pixiv downloader 20111028b

Change log:

  • Fix artist name parsing.
  • Add download by tag list.
    • Separate each tags by space or paste the encoded query string.
    • Separate with new line for each query.
  • Add Export user bookmarks.
  • Add Database cleanup. Go to Manage Database -> Clean Up Database.
  • Refactor Download by tags.
  • Fix bookmark processing if more than 1 page (20111028b)

Download link here here, source code here here. Donation link on your’s right.

42 thoughts on “pixiv downloader 20111028b”

  1. I just wanted to say THANK YOU. The download bookmarks option is exactly what I wanted! It leeches every thing from every artist I have bookmarked!

  2. thank you…………..and i want to know if proxy just support HTTP proxy?how to use SOCKS proxy?
    i’m sorry for my poor English………….

  3. Do you know bookmark_new_illust.php?I always want to downlist with it by pixiv-downloader,how can i do?

      1. Please please do that!!! I’m waiting for this feature the whole time too. It would be such a help.There are so many new pictures of my bookmarked users every day. I don’t have time to download them all manually.

        I’ll donate to you! Thanks!

  4. Hi Nandaka, thanks so much for continually developing this.

    I just encountered a problem. I’ve updated to this new version of pixiv downloader. The “download from list” isn’t working like it used to.

    I use a list.txt located in a folder called ‘pixivutil20111028b’ with all the programs files in it. I use it to batch download pics from new (or old) member_id’s.
    I just erased the member_id’s in my list.txt and replaced it with 3 other member_ids.

    When I start the pixivutil2.exe and choose option 4: “download from list,” it starts downloading from another member_id; one that I already have.

    There’s obviously something wrong going on here.

    Here’s my config.ini:


    1. it is because you set processfromdb = True, this will get the list of member_id from db. set it to False to always use from list.txt.

  5. Hello from Russia, nandaka-san, i have one request to you: could you made download from bookmarks any user by entering only his id? If you don’t not sure what i’m talking, watch one example:
    http://www.pixiv.net/bookmark.php?id=1471757 i mean, that i wan’t to download this 1671 pictures from this bookmark of that user just entering his id in your programm, is it possible to introduce this feature in your programm?

    Sorry for my bad English, but I hope that my request will be clear to you 🙂

  6. Can I ask you to modify pixivutil so instead of path to program as the name of window it will show information as specified in filenameformat string or new windownameformat string in config.ini?
    I.e. instead of something like F:pixivpixivutilpixivutil2.exe it will show %member_id% (%artist%)%image_id% – %title% of the current file.

  7. I don’t know if its a big deal,
    but I went into “manage database” (d) and then when I searched for a particular memberid (361825), it wasn’t found, but it knows I downloaded the images when I try “download by member_id”.
    Because it doesn’t show up there, will it not download when I have it download from list (4)? I have to set up to use the db, not list.

    member 361825 is on my favorites, is that why it won’t show up?

    1. in the config.ini, set these options:

      – uselist = True ==> this will import the list.txt to DB.
      – processfromdb = True ==> and this will get the member_id list form the db.

      you can read the readme.txt for more details for each options.

      1. So you are saying that if I have it to use the db only, it won’t update the list of member_ids?

        1. if you set to db only, it won’t import the list.txt.

          For exporting member_id from DB, you must use the DB Manager and choose to export member_id only.

      2. I think I understand.
        I should leave it at uselist = True and processfromdb = True and add artists I want to download from to list.txt, and whenever I want to update all the artists I’ve downloaded from, I should export all member_ids to list.txt.

        Is that right?

        1. yes, it will import the member_id from the list.txt to the db, and when downloading, the member_id is read from the db.

          if you want to export the member_id from the db to a text file, then use the export db in db management.

      3. Why not have it always update the list of member_ids?
        I tested it and saw that it won’t update to the db if I leave “processfromdb = False” “uselist = True” and then use “1. download by member_id”.
        I like using the list.txt because I sometimes want to add a few member_ids and I don’t want the program to work all day. I don’t know if I need to restart the program everytime I replace the contents of the list.txt

        Is is possible that you might make the download from list.txt and download from db as separate options?

        1. weird, the processfromdb options is only used for getting the member_id from DB when you do process member_id, if it set to False, it will only read the list.txt (I have checked the source code).

          if the uselist set to True, then every time you run the program, it will read the list.txt and import it to the DB (should have message like: “Updated n items.” every time you run)

          how do you close the program? don’t click the [X] button, because sometimes the sqlite is still writing the db.

    2. Oh, I forgot to ask
      So, if I use “1. download by member_id” it won’t update the db?

    1. anything will do, usually I put the complete path, for example ‘C:Pixivbookmarks.txt’. Please note the target path/directory should exists beforehand.

  8. Hello nandaka, thanks for the handy tool.

    I really appreciate the work you put into PixivUtil, but I’ve been wondering about something. Since you provide the source for the script, I wanted to ask if I could modify your program and redistribue it under a license like the GPL.

    I probaply won’t have the time to do this becuase I’m being with school, but if I did I wanted to make sure I had your permission. Obviously I would credit you as the program’s original creator if I did.

    1. my bookmark only single page, maybe that why I don’t get the full url pattern. Can you give me the full url for the 2nd page and up

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