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  1. A couple things I hope for in this program (if you could?)

    1: A setting for downloading R-18 images into an optional sub-folder would be useful…

    2: Being able to simply download an artist’s entire gallery (by clicking the Downloader’s button while on the Artist’s Works page?) would be amazing!

  2. Amazing program but I’m having a problem using lists.

    PixivDownloader2 version 20110924
    Reading config file… done.
    Creating database… done.
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “PixicUtil2.py”, line 699, in main
    File “PixicModel.pyc”, line 247, in parseList
    ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: ‘xffxfe#’

    proxyaddress =
    useproxy = False
    useragent = Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Unix i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/2008071615 Fedora/3.0.1-1.fc9 Firefox/3.0.1
    debughttp = False
    userobots = True
    filenameformat = %member_token% [%artist%] %member_id%%image_id% – %title%
    timeout = 60
    uselist = True
    processfromdb = True
    overwrite = False
    tagsseparator = ,
    daylastupdated = 7
    rootdirectory = D:DownloadsPixiv
    retry = 3
    retrywait = 5
    createdownloadlists = True
    downloadlistdirectory = D:DownloadsPixiv
    irfanviewpath = C:Program FilesIrfanView
    startirfanview = False
    startirfanslide = False
    alwayscheckfilesize = False
    checkupdatedlimit = 0
    downloadavatar = True

    #ahashima / あはし
    3135747 “%root%ahashima [あはし] 3135747”
    #manekin-eko / にゅう
    1010501 “%root%manekin-eko [にゅう] 1010501”

      1. Ahh, of course. That makes sense.

        Thanks and keep up the great work. By far the best little program for pixiv.

    1. >> Favorite users ID collector?
      please elaborate?

      >> making a new directory for images stored in Manga mode?
      can do this, wait for the next release.

      1. Can new directories for the manga images be an option? I personally prefer to keep everything from a Pixiv gallery in one folder.

        Related to that, was it intentional to make list.txt files pointing to specific download directories follow the filenameformat config rules? This previously wasn’t the case – if I had a list formatted as “0000 K:Pixiv & SiteArtist Name”, it’d save the files straight into that directory, ignoring the filenameformat setting – but within the last couple of updates it’s stopped doing that. Instead it’s now sticking the “%member_id% – %member_token%%image_id%” format folders that I use for the initial mass-grabs of galleries into the final, orgainized folders that I have sorted out to my preference (English name or closest I can find for the folder title, Pixiv files all in the top level, homepage/blog/Drawr/Twitpic/etc in sub-folders – hence my previously stated preference regarding the manga mode).

        I’ve found that I can avoid this by changing the setting to just “%image_id%” when running my update lists (changing it back when I do the initial mass-grabs), but it damn near made a mess out of my last update. Luckily I noticed it was doing that before I went to bed, so it only made a few folders full of redundant images to clean up.

  3. Awesome work as per usual.
    One question: There isnt way to download an artists bookmarked pictures is there?..

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