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  1. Thanks, I finally figured it out.
    ‘123456 %root%Test’ coupled with ‘processfromdb = false’ worked.
    However, is there no way to make ‘processfromdb’ work with the ‘member_id+directory’ format?
    The reason for all these is because some artists have names in japanese. Now I want to put them in custom folders so I can recognize them easier. Also, disabling ‘processfromdb’ keeps the app from finding missing images (in case I accidentally delete or modify them).

    I hope this made sense. Thanks again!

  2. Those settings makes it ignore the list.txt. Is there a way to have it regard what I have in the list and also the checkupdatedlimit?

  3. There is author with more that 1300 works. Downloading it takes time. More that 5 hours for me. So, I really want to speed up it somehow.
    And I am not so worried about hammering the server. Usually I use 3 or 4 downloaders at once.
    Also, what exactly checkUpdatedLimit does?

    1. checkUpdatedLimit ==> Number of already downloaded image limit before move to the next member. So if the downloader see the last n image is already downloaded, it will move to the next member so it doesn’t go to check all of the images, usually I’m setting it to 5.

    2. I am an idiot. Disabling “alwayscheckfilesize” allows downloader to skip already loaded files very fast.

      1. I want to use the “checkUpdatedLimit”, but it doesn’t seem to work for me, it just goes over ALL the files the artist has. I changed my config.ini so the list.txt works, but what is my config supposed to look like to make the “checkUpdatedLimit” work?

        proxyaddress =
        useproxy = False
        useragent = Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Unix i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/2008071615 Fedora/3.0.1-1.fc9 Firefox/3.0.1
        debughttp = False
        userobots = True
        filenameformat = %member_token% (%member_id%)%image_id%
        timeout = 60
        uselist = True
        processfromdb = False
        overwrite = False
        tagsseparator = ,
        daylastupdated = 7
        rootdirectory = E:Downloaded
        retry = 999
        retrywait = 5
        createdownloadlists = False
        downloadlistdirectory = .
        irfanviewpath = C:Program FilesIrfanView
        startirfanview = False
        startirfanslide = False
        alwayscheckfilesize = True
        checkupdatedlimit = 5

        numberofpage = 0


  4. Could you add ability to download in threads, to improve speed? Or ability to download by author, starting from specified page? Please.

    1. I can add download from specific page for the download by author. As for the multithread downloading, I’m not really comfortable to hammering the server with multiple request at once 🙁

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