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  1. pixiv has changed its search pattern again. It makes tag-downloading working incorrectly since page 9

  2. I have tried changing the password, but it still doesn’t work. Are there any other requirements besides downloading the package above? Is it of any importance that I have a 64Bit Windows 7?

    I’m really sorry to bother you, since I appreciate the work you did.

    1. 64-bit should not matter, if you download the compiled/exe one, then you does not need to download anything else, if you download the source, you only need to download python 2.7.x, mechanize and BeautifulSoup package.

      what is your language setting for non-unicode?, try to set it to japanese from the control panel. worst case, you can use winxp compatibility mode.

      1. I have already tried changing the settings for non-unicode to japanese without any results. Strangely, in win xp I didn’t even need to change those settings. It is still set to english.

        I don’t think I’ll be able to fix it, but thank you very much for your patience with me.

  3. Please help me. I’ve changed from XP to Win7 and now Pixutil crashes when logging in. The logfile says:

    2011-05-09 22:47:56,089 – PixivUtil20110502 – INFO – Starting…
    2011-05-09 22:47:56,089 – PixivUtil20110502 – INFO – Only process member where day last updated >= 7
    2011-05-09 22:47:56,089 – PixivUtil20110502 – INFO – Using Username: comicmonkey
    2011-05-09 22:47:56,089 – PixivUtil20110502 – INFO – logging in
    2011-05-09 22:48:03,141 – PixivUtil20110502 – INFO – Wrong username or password

      1. Username and Password are both correct. Even if I don’t put anything in there and type manually it will not work. The exact same settings work in my win XP.

        1. weird, mine is working in the xp and win7. have you tried to login to your pixiv account and try to change your password?

    1. yes, in the config.ini file, just fill the username and password.

      username = YOUR_USER_NAME
      password = YOUR_PASSWORD

      note: you might want to open it with wordpad if the newline is messed up.

  4. how much money is needed “to donate” so that you introduced the download function “bookmark images download” to your programm?))

    P.S. I’m poor student *HOPE* *_*

    1. nah, I just don’t have time to add new feature. I am busy with my real job now, usually I am just do some fix if there is a bug.
      >>P.S. I’m poor student
      CS student? then it is a good time to learn python, the source code is available and feel free to modify it 🙂

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