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  1. I had 403 problems (restricted by robots.txt??) so I redownloaded and put the downloader in another location. When I try to log in, I come across an error message that flashes for a second and disappears before I can read it… What’s the problem and how can I fix it?
    (I’ve also tried putting in my log in info in config.ini but that doesn’t seem to work either??)

  2. I have another question:

    Is it possible to save manga mode works in their own subdirectories when you download the images by member_id?

    Or is there a way to sort these files so the images can be neatly organized?

  3. Molomaa, pixivutil20110202v3 can use the converted %E5%90%AD stuff to download by tag. It doesn’t work for any newer version. Other than that, I still have not been able to copy and paste text into the program, English or Japanese, no matter what I try. Even changing non-unicode to Japanese and using a soft keyboard doesn’t work. However, I’m satisfied using the HTML conversions to download by tag using that particular version~

  4. How does the Download by Tag function actually work? It asks page number after initial tag, and no matter what kind of number is given it finds no tags.

      1. I’m using ロックマンX as my keyword, and I’ve tried to change it into %E3%83%AD%E3%83%83%E3%82%AF%E3%83%9E%E3%83%B3X as well, but no dice. It just says “No more images” while there’s tons of pages.

      2. Actually, now that I think about it, it might be that for some reason US/EU etc. language command prompts can’t recognize kanji or kana. Changing the language of the OS would be far too drastic measure for this and applocale does not help.

        1. might be, because I am setting the codepage for non-unicode program to shift-jis, may be I can create a work-around by not encoding the tags if it is already encoded (started with %), what do you think?

  5. Hello

    I’m sorry, I don’t know anything about programming. How do I change the location of my downloads? Mine saves in C:. I want to put my pixiv downloads on the Desktop. Is it possible?

    I was also having login problems, but I’m not sure if it’s my operating system or I’m missing a required component. Python, perhaps?

    1. Search in your pixiv directory for the config.ini file.
      There you can set your username and password in [Authentication] section. (I’ve got problems logging in with the normal method too.)

      To change your download directory you have to write the path after rootDirectory in [Settings] section.

      rootdirectory = C:Documents and Settingsyour usernameDesktoppixiv

      If you want to have it without subdirectories you should change the text after filenameformat. i.e.
      filenameformat = %image_id%
      (using a backslash will create a subdirectory)

  6. Error at processMember(): (, AttributeError(“‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘span'”,), )
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “PixivUtil2.py”, line 947, in main
    File “PixivUtil2.py”, line 357, in processMember
    AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ has no attribute ‘span’
    press enter to exit.

      1. That’s all it says, nothing else. However, now a new one appered;
        Traceback (most recent call last):
        File “logginghandlers.pyc”, line 72, in emit
        File “logginghandlers.pyc”, line 129, in doRollover
        WindowsError: [Error 32] Process can’t use file, as it is in use in other process
        PixivDownloader2 version 20110327

        Then the “Main menu”
        Input: 1
        Traceback (most recent call last):
        File “logginghandlers.pyc”, line 72, in emit
        File “logginghandlers.pyc”, line 129, in doRollover
        ValueError: I/O operation is closed file
        Member id:

        About three versions ago I could use about forty open and downloading massloaders without any problems. Here and there few would give an error message. However, with newest it seems that I can run max. number of five before all of them gives same error message that ends “giving up.”

        What kind of info I can provide regarding these matters?

        1. it is because of the log file is being use by another pixivutil, I haven’t tried to run multiple client in the same time. Try to duplicate the pixivutil into another folder.

  7. Can you upload it to another host please? Uploading simply doesn’t work here T_T

    You can try like mediafire dot com or even megaupload

  8. sweet thanks and please could you add a feature to grab all the IDs from the Favorite user list and maybe add a new dir function when downloading images in mangamode?

    1. I actually found a round-about way of doing this, but it requires downloading an add-on for FireFox called Multi-Links and downloading a specific text editor called Notepad++. Download Multi-Links; this will allow you to click and drag to select and copy the links to the pages in your Watch list to your clipboard in a uniform, no-duplicates fashion. This requires some settings to make it so you only copy the URLs to your clipboard instead of actually opening the links in new tabs. You also have to do this for every page of 50 users. Copy by holding the right mouse button down with the cursor just above the first character of the first link you want to copy and pull the cursor vertically downward (careful not to accidentally grab any icons!) until you reach the bottom and let go, which will put all the URLs into your clipboard. Paste each group of 50 into a new file in Notepod++ and repeat until you’ve copied and pasted your entire watchlist.

      Now, go back into Notepad++ and save your file (as you don’t want to repeat all of this if you screw up.) You’ll probably notice that at the end of each URL is the member ID for the person you’re watching! But you don’t want to manually delete the rest of the URL information for each one, right? Click the equal sign in the last URL in the list, hold the Alt key and the Shift key, and scroll upwards. You’ll notice you are now selecting/highlighting in vertical columns rather than horizontal rows! Highlight all of the junk, hit the delete key, and voila, you have a list of Pixiv member ID numbers available for whatever you care to use them for.

      1. yeah i did use link gopher which was kinda the same but i got like 100 pages to go through.

  9. Could you upload it somewhere else cause uploading always thinks i have other downloads when i don’t!

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