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  1. It seems that the newest version gets errors much easier than the older ones, and does not leave error files same way it used to.
    Is this just me or something else?

    1. What kind of error did you get? May be I broke something when I fix other errors, or it is because Pixiv server not really stable currently (If the app throw cannot find element/index out of bound, usually it is because the server, I will find a way to handle this…)

      1. Typing the whole string…. Dunno is
        Processing Image Id: 17020856
        Error at processImage(): ((type ‘exception.AttributeError’), AttributeError(“‘NoneRype’ object has no attribute ‘find'”,), <traceback object at 0x01DAF080))
        Error at processImage(): ((type 'exception.AttributeError'), AttributeError("'NoneRype' object has no attribute 'find'",), <traceback object at 0x01D99288))
        Traceback (most recent call last):
        File "PixivUtil2.py", line 920, in main
        File "PixivUtil2.py", line 397, in processMember
        File "PixivUtil2.py", line 500, in processImage
        AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'find'
        Press enter to exit

        Another has same Tracback message, but traceback object placement is different. In older releases it always left error page in the folder linking to artist's main page , but does not do that any more. Also, This happens far more often with latest version than older versions. I've opened five latest and older versions and put them download five artists. From the new ones only one finished downloading without an error message, whereas all older versions finished downloading without problems.

    1. >> filename error
      I believe that because of encoding error, it is working correctly in my pc (I’m changing the setting to Japanese for non-Unicode program in the control panel, tough).

      >> cannot find path
      this is not related to the filename/storage, somehow the page cannot be parsed correctly (it is also happened in my pc, but it is working for other pages/image_id, I still don’t know why?)

      1. I did nothing but it works normal now…Thank you

        By the way, sometimes it shows attribute error. What does this mean? How to avoid it?

        1. usually because the program cannot find the element from the html, this is because of the transport/connection to the internet (slow/timeout) or because of the server returning unexpected pages/error pages.

  2. Hello
    I was looking through a few of the previous versions and I came across something by Yavos that could skip images I have already downloaded. The post is Here, but the download link is down. Is there an updated version of Yavos’s plugin?

    Also, my second question is, when I want to update to a newer version of pixivutil, what files should I keep besides the config.ini? Where is the database located?

    1. >> Yavos mod
      His mod is included in the new version (you can check it in the source code).

      >> new version
      Usually I will put a notification if there any change in the config.ini, the db file is db.sqlite. If you are not sure, you can backup your old pixiv folder first before upgrading to the newer version.

      1. Oh, so it was that “checkUpdatedLimit” line in the config.ini?
        I’ll just set that to some number X, and it’ll stop downloading from that memberid when it sees X number of “File Exist!”?

        Ok, I think I understand how it is going to work.

      2. Ah, what I tried doesn’t seem to work, looks like I completely misinterpreted what you were communicating.
        How do I make use of the feature I described in my opening post? Or is the “File exist!” already the feature that was described?

        1. check if this option also set:

          – alwayscheckfilesize = True – processfromdb = True – checkupdatedlimit = 10

      3. Well, it just ignored my list.txt, but it still did attempt to download every file using a memberid from the db. I wanted it to only download the files I didn’t already have.
        Oh well, seems like I can’t get it to work like I thought it should.

  3. Hi Nandaka!
    What do you say at the expense of introducing in to your program download by bookmark list of user?

    I express my condolences, I also lost a lot of friends from Japan :'(

    1. You mean your own bookmark list in your pixiv account? It can be done, it just take some time (and motivation :), usually I find the pixiv artist from danbooru, not directly from pixiv)

      1. No,no)) I mean another users bookmark lists of favour pictures, not only my))

        Example: http://www.pixiv.net/bookmark.php?id=354195 , I just wanna to download pictures from this bookmark list, but it not realeased in your program πŸ™

        P.S. Sorry for my bad English :C
        I hope you understood my request :3

        1. Maybe, Japan is having rolling blackout across the country because of the quakes and tsunami (also the nuke plant)….

  4. Okay nevermind my last comment, I found out that I was just using the wrong number.

    I’ve got another problem, even when I manage to use copy and paste in the console, the pasted Kanji are displayed as ???? question marks. I installed the japanese Keyboard and language, so it should work out, but it doesn’t. The language of my system is still german though, because when I use japanese, some characters are displayed wrong. Any way to fix this problem?

  5. I can’t seem to manage “Download by tags”. Whenever I press 4 in the Input menu and hit enter, the menu just refreshes but it won’t allow me to enter a tag. I’m pretty sure I downloaded the fixed version. What’s up with that?

  6. Fantastic tool that I’ve used quite a few times now.

    However, for the first time I tried downloading by tags – I cannot for the life of me find a way to input kana into CLIs (the soft keyboard provided by Window’s Japanese IME doesn’t support it), and even if I change my non-unicode to Japanese I wouldn’t know how to enter the characters because I can’t just copy and paste them.

    Interestingly enough – I have been able to use the crazy encoded strings (%E3%N4%80, etc) to download by tag, but only on a previous version (20110202v3) that doesn’t seem to have the option to start at certain pages. Does the previous version have the option but I’m just not aware of it, or do you have any additional advice on how to enter characters? Being quite the simpleton, I cannot seem to find any solution myself, and don’t quite understand the last piece of advice you offered the poster “none”.

    Again, thank you for the utility, and for taking the time to read this long comment.

    1. >> input kana into CLIs, copy and paste
      weird, I can input directly to the console using IME in windows xp and windows 7 (when you type, it should show a little boxes where the typed kana appear and after pressing enter it will showing in the console). And I can copy paste just fine (I’m enabling Quick Edit (enable you to select+enter to copy, and right click to paste) mode and Insert Mode in the console properties.)

      >> crazy encoded strings
      the current version handle the encoding directly now, that why the ‘crazy encoded strings’ is encoded twice and the result is wrong.

  7. If I want to download tag β€œX” but I don’t want the ones tagged with β€œY”, is there a way to block images with the β€œY” tag?

      1. Alright, I guess I could work around that by first download “X , Y” then just “X” and then check for duplicates and delete both.

        Thanks for creating this great program.

  8. I’d just like to say thanks for writing and sharing this program, its a very convenient tool that saves time. I appreciate the effort you put into it.

    1. in windows, you can use Microsoft Japan IME or any Japanese Input Method, in linux I don’t know, but I think they have IME equivalent.

      1. That only gives question marks and nothing else, and yes, I’ve used applocale at it and installed all necessary language packs.

        1. the easiest way is by setting your windows non-unicode to japanese (I do this), or you can set the default codepage for console/cmd to 931 (ANSI/OEM – Japanese Shift Jis)

  9. Hate to be the bearer of bad news (again), but the program still uses the old URLs when switching pages, so it still loops the first page when downloading by tag. πŸ™

      1. Wow, nevermind. Apparently it’s just something weird going on with the tag I’m looking at. Really weird.

    1. but only work in danbooru boards, or it is working in pixiv? I haven’t try the tools, but from what I read, it will duplicate all the images from danbooru/moe.imouto?

      @aaltomies: as for the url encode, you can get the correct encoded values from http://www.w3schools.com/TAGS/ref_urlencode.asp in URL Encoding Functions section. Try the updated version (20110227b)

    1. no, you still need to encode the kanji to html encoded string, like: みお to %E3%81%BF%E3%81%8A. Somehow using urllib.quote or encode giving me different result.

  10. Great update, thanks!!
    I have a downloading prolem on uploading website. It shows Daily Download Limit

    when I open uploading web first time. Can you upload it to different webs like medirefire oot megaupload?:)

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