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  1. It’s me back again, but this time I’ve got something productive instead of a question.
    Downloading by tag is still looping the first page, but I think I know why.
    I noticed when the program is moving on to the next page of the tag, it displays a different url than the one displayed on pixiv when you go to the page manually.

    In my case, the program shows http://pixiv.net/search.php?s_mose=s_tag&word=n&p=6 (Supposed to be page 6 of the tag), but the actual url that pixiv gives me is http://www.pixiv.net/tags.php?tag=n&p=6


    Sorry for the wall of text, I’m not very good at being brief. Hope this helps, haha.

      1. Hoorah for paying attention to detail!
        Thanks for the quick replies and all the support, man.

  2. I like this program.
    I want to download from 2nd page. But it did’t work when I set fromorder = 21. It still download from 1st pic.

    1. I believe there is no option called fromorder, there is formorder but it is not used anymore, currently it is not possible to skip directly to page #.

      1. oops! I need go to optical shop…
        Can you add this function into the program? It’s very useful when we download by tags. Lots of tags have more than a thousand pics. Some problems like timeout are unavoidable.
        many thanks

  3. great programe.
    i am trying to write a programe in java to grab pictures in pixiv automatically.
    when i get the content from url directly, i always get 403.
    i have logined pixiv in program.
    do you know the reason?

    1. I’m not sure with Java, but assuming you need to change the user-agent and always keep the cookie from the login page. In python, we have Browser class that maintain the state/history/cookie.

  4. Hello,

    I Like yhe program a lot, but I had some ideas I wanted to share to see if other people may be interested.
    When in list mode it may be interesting to add an “interrupt” option that can stop downloading after finishing the current artist download and then creates an interrrupted_list.txt with only the remaining artists’ numbers.
    Also in list mode, it may be interesting to put a “time limit” option when it starts (specifying an hour format like 12:57PM or an absolute time like 2:00 for downloading just two hours). As for automatic computer shutting down after downloading, I’m not so sure…
    The last idea I wanted to propose is about enabling an option to automaticaly add the image tags to the IPTC keyword field of the images. That would greatly enhance image sorting and database management, but I reckon that it can bring some issues when handling japanese characters and when the program has to check for duplicate files…

    Anyway, thank you for your great work!

    1. >> When in list mode it may be interesting to add an “interrupt” option that can stop downloading after finishing the current artist download and then creates an interrrupted_list.txt with only the remaining artists’ numbers.
      why you want to do this? isn’t it better to have a different list containing the member’s ids that you want to download to do this. You can duplicate the exe’s to run different list, maybe I can add an option to supply the list filename in to be used.

      >> time limit
      I believe you can use scheduled task in windows or cron in linux.

      >> automatic computer shutting down after downloading
      create a batch file that execute shutdown after pixivutil finished, in windows vista/7 you need to run it as administrator.

      >> IPTC
      I don’t know any python module to modify the IPTC, and as you said it conflicted with checking duplicate files (currently it’s checking using filesize)

  5. Hi again.
    I got an another problem…
    It would download images repeatedly when TAG mode, file exist file exist…Will it need different config setting to fix it? My daylastupdated = 7

      1. Will see it, but I still don’t know why, but it is use the same method with download by ImageId, so I’m not so sure yet.

  6. Hi nandaka!
    Do you have any idea that why this programme will collapse if I set uselist=true?
    any help would be great

      1. the error log is simple

        2011-02-17 21:41:47,647 – PixivUtil20110205 – INFO – Starting…
        2011-02-17 21:42:58,788 – PixivUtil20110205 – INFO – Starting…

        It happened after it finished list-downloading, closed programme and changed a new list.txt. It was my second time. The programme worked fine after I using your updated one. But yesterday it happened again and I cannot open it anymore if I set uselist= true whatever there has a list.txt file or not.

  7. So any chance of enabling it to gather favourite artist ID’s from the list on our pixiv profiles and make new directories when downloading images in Manga mode?

  8. Hi nandaka!
    Greetings from Russia, we have cold …
    But more to the point, how about making it possible to skip already downloaded files by tag, for example, need to download the 10000 thousand images on a specific tag, I shake my first 2000, accidentally interrupting a download, turn on a new and extremely long wait until he miss these 2000 images writing with words: “Start download… File exist!” This is bad :(((

    P.S. Sory, possible you don’t understand what I wrote, because i have bad English :E

  9. Okay, this might sounds really stupid, but I’m trying to save a tag and I got it to work with the original settings, but how would I go about changing the file directory?
    And instead of saving the images in separate folders by artist, is it possible for them all to be saved together in one folder? ;A;
    I like everything to be together in one place, and since the tag I’m looking at is 90+ pages it would be nice if I didn’t have to take everything out of its individual folder. Thanks!

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