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  1. –Issue in Danbooru Downloader–

    First of all, sorry for putting this here, I did not find where to report this.

    It’s a very light issue, but maybe you wanna fix in the future:

    I use this fileFormat: %artist% – %id% – %provider%_uploaded_%uploadDateTime%
    But when I was downloading this link: http://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2667678
    I got this fileName: “jacket redrop – 2667678 – danbooru_uploaded_2017.03.22”
    And ‘jacket’ definitely isn’t an artist (as you can see in the link).
    Idk what’s causing this, maybe a problem by danbooru in their tags…

    Well, as I said, its nothing what bother too much, and for me its fine. But maybe you don’t wanna keep this going on… ^^

      1. Oh, sorry, but I haven’t a GitHub account… =/

        About the tag.xml, I’m downloading the Danbooru’s right now to test it again.
        I only downloaded the Yande.re one…

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