danbooru downloader 20161112

Change Log for danbooru downloader 20161112:

  • Fix Issue #91: Update website url.
  • Implement #96: Add %general% for the filename format.
  • Add colored tag column in download grid.
  • Update tag parser for sankaku.
  • Update tag replacement behaviour for tags exceeding limit to use Over Value.
  • Update tag replacement behaviour for missing tag to always use empty tag replacement.

Download link for latest version, source code in GitHub.

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6 thoughts on “danbooru downloader 20161112”

  1. nandaka i need help when i want to download tags it saves all of them in one folder even after giving
    save folder a name of the tag…:(

    1. explain more clearly? also what is your filename format in the settings tab?

      if you want to store all the images on single folder, ensure the filename format doesn’t have ‘/’ (folder separator) in it.

      1. what i,m trying to say is that when i,m giving it a name like you know pokemon but it end up calling it the provider’s name and it saves all of them in one folder.
        and also i have now again trouble with downloading pictures from sankaku complex
        it wont download more than 500 pictures and i,m registered so please help me….:(

          1. sorry for late reply but i’ve already fixed the download thing and i dont have to be worried anymore about the filename format bcause i downloaded the old version again which worked perfectly for me…xD

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