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  1. Found an artist I like and normally punching the ID in the downloader wouldn’t be any trouble. Actually, it isn’t. The trouble is that they drew other stuff I don’t want on the PC. Is there a way to download from “member_id” and skip pics with a specific tag so I don’t have to go about deleting God knows how many [insert thing I don’t like to see here] pics manually after the fact?

    1. create ‘blacklist_tags.txt’, key in the tags separated by new line. save it to the app folder, and set useblacklisttags=True in config.ini.

      refer to readme.txt for details.

  2. Hi, Nandaka!

    I keep getting this error:
    INFO – Setting log level to: DEBUG
    INFO – No default cookie jar available, creating…
    INFO – using default DB Path: C:\Users\Bottle\Downloads\pixivutil20160814\db.sqlite
    INFO – Only process member where day last updated >= 7
    INFO – Logging in…
    ERROR – Error at login(): (, URLError(error(10054, ‘An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host’),), )
    ERROR – Error at doLogin(): (, URLError(error(10054, ‘An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host’),), )
    ERROR – Cannot Login!

    I was trying to download by member id and tag, I was kinda stupid enough to keep entering the wrong tag over and over again (I didn’t realize until I can’t log in at all and wondered if it would be easy enough to do manually).

    I know you said this may be from a faulty connection, but opening pixiv from my browser shows that I can still access pixiv okay. So I’m just kinda worried if the looping function from the tool went… rogue somewhere?

    (Although I did restart my PC and downloaded the upgrade, but still get the same error. So maybe this proves it’s just completely me?)

      1. Thank you so much!
        Both methods worked.

        Okay, just for future reference, it’s possible that repeated wrong input can cause Window’s firewall to block the application? :O

        (Also, is there anyway to stop or cancel processing if I manage to enter the wrong option? Sometimes I just press 10 automatically when I meant to download by member_id or image_id only ahaha.)

  3. im using ubuntu and whene im trying to connect this error message appears: Error at login(): (, ValueError(‘Empty certificate
    data’,), )
    Error at doLogin(): (, ValueError(‘Empty certifica
    te data’,), )
    Cannot Login!
    press enter to exit.
    what to do?

  4. Hello Nandaka,

    First, thank you for your great application that I appreciate a lot.
    I’m trying to make a personal little chrome extension in javascript to download large pictures directly by clicking on the medium size click. I navigate throw the dom to locate big file url and then create an anchor with the HTML5 download attribute triggered on click on the medium size picture.
    The problem is that I get the Windows file downloader but after I clicked on saved, I got a “forbidden” message from chrome.
    So I wonder if you could help me solving that issue. I know it’s probably caused by referer or authentification problem but I’m not very good at that…

    Thanks in advance!

    1. I’m not sure about chrome extension. Assuming you are logged in to pixiv website, I think you need to pass the medium page url as Referer when downloading the big image.

  5. I may be completely stupid, but I can’t get this PixivUtil2 run properly. Seems to not have any problem, I log in with no error, choose the first option : “Download by member_id”, past the id, press Enter, and all the files are now downloading one by one. As far has I can tell, there’s no problem at all.
    But… for some reason, I can’t find any of my files anywhere. And in my repository where my PixivUtil2.exe is, there’s no “config.ini” file.

    I just discover this tool and I can’t find any tutoriel to use this. So maybe any one here can’t help me to undertsand what I’m doing wrong with this~

    Yeah, so I don’t know, i’m a bit lost (。>//ㅅ//<。)

    Thanks for all support you can give to me,
    Sorry for bad english (french guy are everywhere, geez…)

    Thanks Nandaka for this app too, I swear it will work for me one day !

    1. do you run it from desktop shortcut? check your desktop location, or use the windows search function?

      Also, when it downloaded a file, it will show you the file path in the console ui.

      1. No, I run it directly with the extract .exe file “PixivUtil2.exe”.
        With WindowsSearch function, the result is exactly the same as is the file didn’t exist.

        Yeah, I have notice that too, here is a screenshot of my console UI : https://puu.sh/qGMvR.png
        As you can see, my “PixivUtil2.exe” is located in my PC to ‘D:\Users\Luc\Logiciel\PixivDownloader\’, it tells me that it create the directory “Fox-Two (15293026)” in this location, but this directory doesn’t exist in ‘D:\Users\Luc\Logiciel\PixivDownloader\’ and anywhere else.

        That’s pretty strange I admit it.

        Also, at the start reading ‘config.ini’ and using ‘db.sqlite’ file is ok, but there are not these files too. They doesn’t exist for me.
        I run it on Windows 8.1, if it can help a bit.

      2. Ow ! I’m so stupid !

        In explaining my problem to you, I have completely find the problem.
        With Admnistrator rights on the .exe file, it’s way much better.
        Seens it’s an application downloaded, it’s so flagrant…

        Arrgh, such a frustration right here ! Sorry for make you lose some times.
        But, I have kept my promise, it work perfectly fine right now ! ᕦʕ☆ᴥ☆ʔᕤ

        Thanks a lot again for help and for this awesome tool !

  6. Is it possible to make my tags separator an Ideographic Space?
    The config treats an Ideographic Space ( ) like a regular space, so “tagsseparator =  ” does nothing.

      1. I want an Ideographic Space to be my tags separator.
        Because I find the tags to be difficult to read sometimes with a regular space because a regular space is small.
        Also, my filename format is %works_date_only% %urlFilename% %member_token% %tags%. And I want my tags separator to be different than the separator I’m using for the first 3 values (a regular space) to make searching for tags in my files a little easier. Also, it would make changing my tags separator easier if I ever want to that.

        I can already make my tags separator an Ideographic Space with the help of a file renaming tool, so it is no big deal if you do not add it. But it would save me some time if you did add it.

        Thanks for PixivUtil and all your other tools. I hope adding this option wouldn’t take a lot of work. It seemed like something that would be easy to add so I didn’t hesitate to ask.

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