danbooru downloader 20151012

Change Log for DanbooruDownloader20151012

  • Fix Issue #62: Refresh image size on start.
  • Fix Issue #63: Shimmie rss page batch bug.
  • Add null check if tags.xml is empty (xml must be valid!)
  • Update sankaku parser to parse tags directly from post (Global Tags XML must not be ticked).

Download link for danbooru downloader 20151012, source code in GitHub.

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  1. I cannot seem to make a tags.xml for either gelbooru or e621 or nekobooru or ichijou. The first two seem to be an issue with API access (gelbooru only works with authentication) and both do not return proper xml. The last two have an issue with the hostname.

    In addition to all this, the “Use Loop” checkbox is broken – not clickable for any source.

  2. chan.sankaku seems like limited at 100 page, right ? once it reach 100 pages, stop download and change status to green(completed) even result 2000+ (100+ pages). Thank

    1. If you are logged on, it should be 1000, more than that the server will return Error: You can only view up to 1000 pages of results.

      If not only up to 100, or it will return Error: Anonymous users can only view 100 pages of results, sign in to view more!

  3. Hey Nandaka,
    I tried using gelbooru and i figured out that i need to log in to use the api.
    However, i don’t get how and where i need to fill them in(i already know they need to be at the gelbooru section in the danbooruproviderlist, but where excactly).
    Would be nice if you answer^^

      1. First of all, thank you for the fast answer.It works(more or less)
        However, i have 2 questions:
        1:Is there a way to save those cookies? I dont want to add them everytime i start the downloader.
        2.Why is the list for the gelbooru tags only 8kb large? it don’t continue the download.

        1. 1. nope.
          2. Gelbooru doesn’t allow to download the whole tags.xml in one go (e.g. using limit=0), so you need to iterate the whole pages to get all the tags (not recommended).

          1. Ok, last question.(Hopefully. Im sure you have better things to do than answering my questions)
            Why is it running so slow? Im not sure, if its only with gelbooru but it feels like that one image takes 20-30 secs to load. Also, if i remeber right, there was “Downloading”(or something like that) displayed at the bottom and the progress of the dl. Now there is the whole time “Starting Batch Job”.
            (ok, i am not sure gelbooru takes longer. In the time danbooru needed to finish 20 images, gelbooru only loaded 6. and yes, i know that the time can differ slightly due to the res but that was a huge difference)

          2. I have no idea on that. Both using xml parser as default and uses the same download logic after the url is resolved.

            Most likely it is network issue.

  4. Question: Downloading from danbooru gives me 200 maximum number of images. Is this limitation coming from danbooru itself or I did something wrong with the app?

  5. Hellow there,

    Firstly I have to thank you for this great software (and the pixiv one) !

    There is just one problem:
    When I try to download an artist which contain the “blocked_artist” tag from sankaku channel, it returns 0 result. In fact, in order to see this tag’s pictures you have to log in on the board, so is there an option to log in on danbooru downloader?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    1. 1. Select the provider (Sankaku) and click Edit in main screen.
      2. Key in the username and password.
      3. Set the UseAuth to True.
      4. ensure password hash is calculated (you can compare with browser value by checking the cookie).
      5. save it.

  6. For Danbooru, blacklisting the tag “status:deleted” and unchecking “Process Deleted Posts” still results in deleted posts being downloaded.

  7. can u please help me everytime i want to add gelbooru tags.xml it gives me error
    and how come that the other ones are taking long to download tags.xml like sankaku complex?

    1. >> gelbooru

      They block the API, so it doesn’t work anymore.

      >> sankaku

      Sankaku doesn’t have any API to download the tags.xml, so it need to iterate the tags page one by one.
      Actually, now you don’t need to download the tags.xml for sankaku, the application will try to parse the tags category in the post page as long you didn’t enable global tags.xml in the settings tab (you still need to download at least 1 tags.xml for other site, I recommend to use yande.re).

    1. They use html parser to skip the API, similar like sankaku. Maybe I’ll implement it if I have time. No promises for now 😛

  8. I get “DanbooruDownloader3.exe has stopped working” whenever I try to run this. The 20150923 version still works fine. Did try redownloading, same problem. Any ideas?

    1. Update to that: If I change the name of the folder the executable is in it starts working.

      1. And the saga continues: Deleting the “Nandaka” folder in %user%/local solved the problem.

        Was thinking it was a .net error (clr20r3) but that doesn’t appear to have been the case.

  9. Sankaku is returing 0 downloads in batch mode. Two days ago it was ok and downloading 🙁

    1. weird, it is working for me. Maybe the tags query is wrong? Check your log file and try to find the line: ‘[DoBatchJob] Downloading list:’ and open the url in the browser.

  10. So, gelbooru is in black list until forever? Or at least for unknown time. Too bad, was the best site for me.

  11. No matter what I do the usually green download job is red and just counts up pages until the program crashes, is this due to the api thing or?

      1. Oh yeah, probably should have written a few more details. Gelbooru, yeah. I guess it’s just to wait it out until they enable it agian?

  12. Hi, I was downloading images normally from gelbooru yesterday, but when trying to download today the downloder give me a unhandled exception error.

        1. Russian lines = most likely your OS is using Russian.

          This is due to gelbooru returning incorrect message. Checking the data: Our API is being abused at the moment and is disabled.

          So it is site issue.

  13. hey nandaka,

    I’m using a fresh install of windows 10 and everytime I try to download or search anything, it says “No Posts” or “Batchjob completed” with 0 downloads. This didn’t happen when i was on win 7 :/

    Do I need to install something?

      1. Nevermind! Danbooru must have changed the way they tag favorites. Before i used to be able to type “fav_[username]” to download someone’s favorites, but now I must use “fav:[username]”

        Thanks for everything!

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