pixiv downloader 20150924

Change Log for 20150924:

  • Fix Issue #88: undefined variable when handling cookie.
  • Externalize date format to config.ini, refer to http://strftime.org/ for formatting syntax

Download link for pixiv downloader 20150924, source code in GitHub.

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EDIT: update the default value for dateFormat and change the validation (20150924)

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  1. Hello. R-18 mode in memder download is only R-18 or including it? Not evety non-R-18 illustration is downloaded.

  2. Can’t log in. System language is set to Japanese. Tried everything in the readme.txt like the Cookies method… nothing worked.

    Trying to log with saved cookie
    Error at doLogin(): (, URLError(error(10061, ‘x97Rx9
    8xb0x96xda??x8eZx8axf7??x8bx91?x81Cx9dxd9x96@?x90xdax81B’),), )
    Cannot Login!
    press enter to exit.

    Trying to log in with ID and password shows the same error 10061.

      1. Timezone setting is UTC+09:00 (Osaka, Sapporo, Tokyo), already using the cookie method (copying the PHPSESSID). Still no luck.

        1. that’s weird, are you using firewall/antivirus? Maybe it block the app. After login to the website and copy the cookies usually do the trick.

          I’m using Singapore time (+8) and my pixiv web interface is set to English, and I can login just fine.

          1. I see where the problem is… It’s indeed my own faulty internet connection. I’ve setup a proxy on my IE long ago, but I usually use Firefox which bypass the IE’s setting. That proxy seems to have expired which also cause the Pixivutil to fail. Resetting IE to connect directly solved the problem. Thanks for the hint!

  3. Hello for some odd reasons, I’m not able to type my passwords in the console. No keys worked except for “enter” key.

    Also how do you set it so that you have to type your username/PW every time you start the downloader?

      1. What about not able to type passwords on the console? Is inputting in config.ini the only way to log in?

        The reason why I’m asking this is because I’m a bit wary of saving any PWs on plain text.

        1. you should be able to input the password, it just won’t be echoed/shown in the console (it doesn’t show you the * marker). Just key in the password and press enter.

          other than that, you can use cookie method.Check Q3. I cannot login to pixiv! on readme.txt

  4. Is it be possible to download only R-18 new illust from bookmark ?

    I though « r18mode = True » would help, but I was wrong. ^^;

    1. Yap, R-18 mode works with member id download because the API have the parameter for it. I’m not sure if you can filter only R-18 in the bookmark (need the sample url).

  5. Can you make it possible to download specific pages of a manga post? I hate when it cuts out on me in the middle of downloading a manga, and it makes me redownload the whole thing on later attempts.

  6. Hello. I’m cannot log in. I get this error:
    Error at pixiv_login_ssl(): (, URLError(SSLError(1, u’
    [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:581)’),), )
    Error at doLogin(): (, URLError(SSLError(1, u'[SSL: CE
    RTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:581)’),), )
    Cannot Login!

    How can I make it work?
    I will appreciate your response.
    Best Regards.

  7. Seems to be having trouble with the first picture of manga sets….though the images are downloading fine, as far as I can tell.

    Processing Image Id: 15979987
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “logginghandlers.pyc”, line 76, in emit
    File “logginghandlers.pyc”, line 156, in shouldRollover
    File “logging__init__.pyc”, line 732, in format
    File “logging__init__.pyc”, line 471, in format
    File “logging__init__.pyc”, line 335, in getMessage
    TypeError: not all arguments converted during string formatting
    Logged from file PixivModel.pyc, line 336
    Title: ?????

  8. Getting this error:
    “Image ID (51874740): ‘ascii’ codec can’t encode character u’u5e74′ in position 4: ordinal not in range(128)”

    Default configuration settings, except for switching SSL = True and backupoldfile = True.

        1. Yes, non-unicode program setting is already set to Japanese. Only four lines from the log look relevant:

          2015-09-23 06:28:39,668 – PixivUtil20150923 – INFO – Image id mode.
          2015-09-23 06:28:41,533 – PixivUtil20150923 – INFO – Image ID (51874740): ‘ascii’ codec can’t encode character u’u5e74′ in position 4: ordinal not in range(128)
          2015-09-23 06:28:41,535 – PixivUtil20150923 – DEBUG – Sanitized Filename: Error medium page for image 51874740.html
          2015-09-23 06:28:41,717 – PixivUtil20150923 – ERROR – Dumping html to: Error medium page for image 51874740.html

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