pixiv downloader 20150605

Change log for 20150605:

  • Merge pull request #76 from woky/master: Expand ~ in path options.
  • Add option to filter images by bookmark count for download by taglist (console input only).
  • Fix Issue #81: Divided by Zero when download time is instant.

Download link for pixiv downloader 20150605, source code in GitHub.

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22 thoughts on “pixiv downloader 20150605”

  1. HI this is good tool thanks
    and I want same time r18 and nomal pictures
    how can i get these picture?
    plz tell me “config.ini” file “r18mode” option

  2. Would it be possible to add a feature in the future that, when downloading by tags, we could specify the search based on size, aspect ratio, and tools used?

  3. Is there any way for the image(s) to be downloaded without the artist’s name at the end, i.e. “12345678_p0.jpg”?

      1. Perfect. Thank you very much. LOVE the app; saves me so much time. How is gif support, though?

  4. There’s a little something I noticed, and it’s that when the folder picture is a .png file it’s saved as folder.jpg by the downloader. It’s not that it’s converted to jpg, it’s simply renamed in the wrong way.

      1. Would it be possible to have at least a configuration line to decide whether if we want it hardcoded to folder.jpg or not? My computer doesn’t preview the folder picture if it has the wrong extension.

  5. Is there any way to automatically embed tags into the metadata of the file itself (not the filename; when right clicking properties, tags). I know this isn’t possible for .png s, but maybe a setting that embeds the tags into just the filename for .png s and the metadata for .jpg s?

      1. Then why give it the feature to rename files?
        That’s modifying the original file.

        1. It doesn’t modify the *contents* of the file, so it still have the same file size and hash (crc32 or md5).

  6. Hi, is there any way to download everything from a tag to the same folder? If I do it the normal way, I get 200 folders with 1 pictures each one most of the time, I didnt find any command in the faq/readme, thanks in advice.

    1. then you didn’t look properly 😛

      Add %searchTags% for the filenameformat (and filenamemangaformat), e.g.: %searchTags%%urlFilename% - %title%

      Check the readme.txt on cconfig.ini section.

  7. Hi you !

    I first looked in the readme file and some post comments before coming here
    Expect the avatar, I can’t download any images from an author ID. It gives me an error message and create a dump folder ;
    “2015-06-14 16:10:21,799 – PixivUtil20150605 – INFO – Image ID (47893945): time data ‘1 1 2015 00:05’ does not match format ‘%Y-%m-%d %H:%M’
    2015-06-14 16:10:21,799 – PixivUtil20150605 – ERROR – Dumping html to: Error medium page for image 47893945.html”

    Those are the two lines that are shown in the console for each download try. As someone noticed it in the previous upgrade post I tried to do it again after choosing japanese and english as current language for non-unicode programs and didn’t succeed

    I also look in the config.ini file if I can change something about the time data format but found nothing

    Very nice program btw, you’re part of the best people on the internet for making this 😀
    Greeting from France and Poland ( yep, at the same time ! )

    1. 1. Change the language setting in pixiv website to either english or japanese.
      2. Open config.ini and delete the cookie value.

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