pixiv downloader 20150427

Change Log for 20150427:

  • Add feature to download both private and public image bookmark.
  • Fix Issue #70: Update Error code updated and use sys.exit() instead of os._exit().
  • Fix Issue #74: add check based on saved filename, old manga data need to be redownloaded to populate the information.
  • Add ability to export list of user bookmarks for user with given member_id.
  • Pull Request #73: Merge export user bookmarks from prototype27/topic/exportUserBookmarksForUser.

Download link for pixiv downloader 20150427, source code in GitHub.

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20 thoughts on “pixiv downloader 20150427”

  1. I sometimes see this error

    ZeroDivisionError: float division by zero
    Error at download_image(): (, ZeroDivision
    Error(‘float division by zero’,), ) at http://i1
    .pixiv.net/img11/profile/00881133/144015.png (9000)

  2. First of all, thank you so much for making this tool!

    Though, what I wanted to say is that overusage can lead to Pixiv blocking your IP for a few hours, which is something I experienced first hand :X

  3. I have error…

    Processing Image Id: 50383368
    Image ID (50383368): time data ‘5 15 2015, 15:13’ does not match format ‘%Y-%m-%
    d %H:%M’
    Dumping html to: Error medium page for image 50383368.html

  4. I have set font to Japanese characters and changed locale to Japanese.
    When I open the PixivUtil2 it asks for user, which I enter, and then password. When pas comes up I can’t type anything. No matter what I press or try to paste nothing shows up. Only “Enter” button works which then leads to this:

    Password ?
    Log in using form.
    Server Reply: パスワードは半角6文字以上32文字以下にしてください
    Server Reply: パスワードは半角6文字以上32文字以下にしてください
    press enter to exit.

    Never used this before, first time =s

    1. Just type the password and press enter. The password will not be shown on the console.

      That error message because you keep entering the password exceeding the limit (32 char)

  5. Trying to log with saved cookie
    Error at doLogin(): (, <http
    error_seek_wrapper (urllib2.HTTPError instance) at 0x27a82d0 whose wrapped objec
    t = <closeable_response at 0x27d3058 whose fp = <response_seek_wrapper at 0x27b9
    bc0 whose wrapped object = <closeable_response at 0x27b9d78 whose fp = >>>>, )
    Cannot Login!
    press enter to exit

    what happened?

  6. It seems only to download only one image at a time, how can I set it to run multi tasks?

  7. I just wanted to let you know you’re one of my favorite people on the internet. Been using this for a while now, and it’s been an absolute blessing.

  8. i’m sorry if it’s been mentioned before, but all the updates from this year have “_p0” attached to the end of the filename. is there a fix for that? maybe something i have to put into the config file? i hate having to remove those everytime >.<

    thanks for the program by the way! i love it 😀

    1. That’s is the actual server filename, you can change the filename format from %urlFilename% to %image_id% for normal image and %image_id%%page_index% for manga image.

  9. I’m getting a strange error halfway through galleries: Image ID (49348689): ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘find’

    I’ve tried reinstalling the downloader a couple times now, no dice. I also noticed pixiv logged me out after a few tries, too. Could this be new anti-downloader tech?

    1. I think they changed the layout.

      Hmm, you need to delete the cookie value from the config.ini and set keepsignedin = 1

  10. I use your utility since a couple of years ago and you’re doing an awesome job! ^_^
    Anyway, I’ve a request that I don’t know if I can ask request here about date tags in filenames like %works_date%. Is there any way that I (or you) can change date format (for example) from “1-25-2015 00_06” to “2015.01.25 00.06” or “2015-01-25 00.06”? It would be nice for file sorting since I don’t want to add URL code in my file names. I want only date, time and work title. 🙂
    Thank you so much in advance and keep on the good work. 😉
    Greetings from Argentina! 😀

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