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  1. I got the error: “Unable to connect to the remote server” while logging in
    I have already installed the SQL
    The old version of nijie downloader (for ex: logins just fine, though

      1. I figured it out. It was Norton Internet Security (NIS) which blocked the network access of some programs when it was turned off. I turn NIS back on and now everything works fine.
        That NIS seems to be pretty aggressive in network connections management. Thank you for replying 🙂

      2. And i was wondering if pixiv downloader could have an UI like this. It’s very simple, effective and more user-friendly 🙂

  2. My apologies, it seems that I failed to properly describe what I’m looking for. In Pixiv Downloader, I would just put something like ‘8146 %root%Oda Non’ in list.txt, run the ‘download from list’ command, and get all of Oda Non’s images in a folder named Oda Non. The next time I have to update, I just run the ‘download from list’ command again, and then any new updates from pixiv user #8146 (which is oda non) would download to the same folder.

    So I was wondering if there is a similar way to achieve this in nijie downloader, without using the {memberName} tag. It’s just so that I could have the artist’s name as the parent folder’s name. Thanks!

    1. the native format for the job list is actualy xml, you can try to export/save the list first and then modify the filename format inside.

      No plan to extend the list.txt support for now

  3. Hi, nandaka.

    I was wondering, is there any way to appoint custom directories for each artist using some kind of list (e.g., H:pronartistname{serverFilename}/)? I have it set to ‘{memberId}{serverFilename}’ and naturally, all I have are a bunch folders with numerical filenames. I was thinking about something like pixiv downloader’s list.txt parsing feature where you can just have a name, the root directory tag, and a pixiv id.


    1. On Settings -> Download, click the [?] text link to show the full filename format 😀

      The root directory will be appended on, so don’t put the drive path on the filename format.

      1. Thanks, it works as expected now 🙂
        Nice work even though I would have preferred a command line interface like in the pixiv downloader.

  4. Does the databse automatically update when you switch the root directory using the settings?

          1. Can I still use a third party database editor to change save directories and be fine?

          2. Sure, just don’t change the structure/schema 😀 Fyi, it is using Microsoft SQL Compact 4.0 for the DB

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