nijie downloader

Change Log:

  • Feature: Add Member’s doujin mode.
  • Feature: Add Member’s bookmarks mode.
  • Enhancement: Add new filenameformat {bookmarkedMemberId} and {bookmarkedMemberName}, only applicable in Member Bookmarks mode.
  • Bug Fix: Fix Issue ##21, continue to next image if encounter http error 404/403 for member and tags batch download.

Download link for nijie downloader, Source Code in GitHub.

Please report any issue on  GitHub Issue Tracker

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FYI: please set the language in nijie website to Japanese. If you enable always on SSL in the website, make sure you tick Use HTTPS in the login tab at the application.

One thought on “nijie downloader”

  1. Thanks so much for this downloader! Just started with it today and it’s amazing.

    It’s worth stressing that the board needs to be left in Japanese. After putting it in English, nearly every multi-image submission will return 404s on several of its images, and they will show up as the unknown pic on the website itself. Returning the language setting to Japanese remedied both of these problems (seems to be little documentation at present, but this might go well in a readme file, as I could find no reference to this problem in the previous entries or the wider internet).

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