nijie downloader

Change Log:

  • Feature: Add Trace DB to log setting.
  • Feature: Add Job Completion notification dialog.
  • Feature: Implement Edit Batch Job item.
  • Feature: Add download member avatar for Download by member in setting.
  • Feature: Add separate file name format for manga and avatar.
  • Feature: Add option to enable network compression.
  • Feature: Add option to overwrite only different size (Additional overhead if compression enabled).
  • Feature: Add option to backup old file.
  • Feature: Add option to enable saving image info to DB.
  • Feature: Add option to change log level.
  • Enhancement: Add DB lock when inserting.
  • Enhancement: Move Add Job as dialog window.
  • Bug Fix: Skip locked image in batch mode.
  • Bug Fix: Fix date time parser for image.
  • Bug Fix: Change header for Batch Download tab.
  • Bug Fix: Fix download by member to follow limit.

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3 thoughts on “nijie downloader”

  1. is now unaccessible. I mean its address can still be reach, but just read the announcement that appears. I can’t read japanese but it seems like the site has been taken down due to some copyright, so sad 🙁

    1. They are just having fun with april/1st deface screen.

      Clicked the bottom link and the site is working fine. They are using “aprill2014” cookie for that.

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