6 thoughts on “Danbooru Downloader 20140117”

  1. thanks for this program,really useful,but my contury blocked gelbooru and ways to use gelbooru is VPN and proxy,but VPN abroad servers make every internet connections slow also i don’t wnat to use it,tor is easy to use and comfortable,but this app can’t use SOCKS,tor dosen’t support HTTP proxy anymore and other apps support HTTP proxy is hard to use,please make can use SOCKS proxy

    1. SOCKS is not supported in vanilla .Net (you need additional library), but You can use a 3rd party http proxy software to act as middle men,

      e.g. Danbooru Downloader -> Polipo (http proxy) -> SOCKS Proxy -> Internet

      Actually I’m using this settings to connect to the TOR (using Vidalia Bundle).

  2. Many thanks for this update! Working nicely so far.

    Can you apply this delay to skipped downloads too? Sorry because I didn’t mention that earlier.

    1. If possible, applying the delay on skipped downloads should be added as a separate check box.

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