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        1. Most likely I wont do that (no use for me/take too much time), but I can provide the schema of the (possible) db to tracking the downloaded file (no image preview) for you if you want to create something like that. Still not sure the db engine to use, either sqlite or sqlexpresss (file-based).

          Anyway, no promise there.

        1. Basically, you want to save the downloaded information to a database, including the saved filename, and skip the image if it is already downloaded?

  1. I can’t seem to get the tag blacklisting to work. It fetches posts with e.g. the “4koma” tag even though I’ve blacklisted it.

  2. Pixiv downloader again experiences problems.
    ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘type’

  3. This might be done already and I’m just being daft for not checking local user files, but would be nice if we could keep a config file in the local directory of DB3 to easily copy and paste the config from one subversion to the next. It could apply the custom configurations on top of the default properties so you wouldn’t need to create a new config each time to match any newly added parameters. Sort of like a common .rc file in linux. The DanbooruDownloader3.exe.config file included doesn’t seem to be for this purpose unless it’s just missing comments/documentation. I’m just finding ideas to prevent having to manually configure the settings each time a new subversion is released.

    perhaps as an example of what i had in mind
    inside db3.config have contents similar to:
    # comment lines start with ‘#’ character
    # filenameFormat indicates the format images are downloaded to the disk as
    # example: ‘filenameFormat = ‘%provider%%rating% – %id% – %tags%’
    filenameFormat = ‘%provider%%searchtag%%rating%%artist%%copyright%%character%-%md5%’

    This db3.config file could then be copied from one db3 directory to the next, just as some may do with the tags.xml file.

    P.S. Thanks for the page/list dump. I’ve yet to see it work but it sounds related to something I may have requested before.

  4. Hey you would seem like the type to know, what happened to nekobooru.net? Its been offline nearly a month now,

  5. this version is still made error til january version and cant download image at danbooru

    1. Working in my PC. What is the query you are using and the error screenshot? Have you enter the login information? (See readme.txt for more details)

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